Easy Steps to Measure Self Worth

Easy Steps to Measure Self Worth

Easy Steps to Measure Self Worth

Self worth is being able to love yourself, to be able to look yourself in the mirror and say "That guy/girl is awesome".

But how can we really determine how much self-worth we really have? Well, that's actually quite simple, here's some Easy Steps To Measure Self Worth.

Step 1. Ask Questions about Your Skills

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Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to determine how much self-worth you really have based on what you think about yourself.

  • 1. How confident are you in your own abilities?
  • 2. How confident are you in your stance and opinions?
  • 3. How easily can you do the things you want?

This first set of questions revolves around you being honest with yourself. If you were given a life or death decision and your choice would be final, how confident would you be in making that decision? How confident are you that you could carry out the decision that you made? How easy or how difficult do you think it would be to do it? Asking these questions and being honest about them will allow you to gauge how much confidence you have in yourself and to some extent, you could see how much self-worth you have.

Step 2: Ask Questions about Loving Yourself

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It may sound insignificant, but simply ask yourself "Do I love myself? Am I happy with how I am now?" Do you truly love yourself? Would you gladly trade your identity for someone else's? Do you truly care enough to be true to yourself?

Loving yourself can be a problem for some people with troubled pasts or simply with a lack of self-confidence. Asking how much you love yourself is a major step to seeing how much self-worth you truly have.

Step 3: See What Others Think

see what others think

Here is a list of questions again. These questions revolve around how others see you and how they feel about you and the way you treat others as well as yourself.

  • 1.Are you respected?
  • 2. Are you trusted?
  • 3. Do people ask for your help?
  • 4. Are you looked up to?

Looking at other people and seeing how they feel about you is a way of determining your self-worth. If you have a high self-worth, it will radiate outwards and affect those people around you. You will get a sense of how you treat yourself by how you treat others as well.

Step 4: Ask if You are Successful

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Ask yourself "How is my life doing?". Doing that will give you another peek into how much self-worth you have. People with a high self-worth often are more sure of their abilities and therefore, find themselves being successful.

All of these steps will help you determine how much self-worth you have at any given time. But keep in mind that self-worth is not entirely measurable though and whatever you feel is your level of self-worth, it is more or less an estimate. Also keep in mind that none of these steps will work unless you are one hundred and one percent honest with yourself in the answers. Only you can help yourself improve, so take responsibility of your own self-worth and move forward towards a brighter future.