7 Surefire Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

7 Surefire Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

7 Surefire Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace

Motivation is the key to every successful employee. But even the most determined of individuals lose a little bit of fire every now and then. If you’re one of these individuals, aiming to achieve big things yet lack that much-needed push to get things going, here are seven surefire ways to increase motivation in your job:  

1. Set SMART Goals

Goal-setting is something that most people ignore but its importance to becoming successful on the job cannot be stressed enough. Neglecting personal goals is unsurprising since companies themselves set goals for their employees which leaves these employees relying too much on their employers for job motivation. At the end of the day, each individual whether it be a line worker or a manager will be judged by their individual performance. 

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To avoid over-reliance on other people while helping you stay motivated at work, it is ideal that you set SMART (Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) goals. These goals should be aligned with your daily tasks as well as the company’s mission and vision. To help you monitor progress, list down all of the goals in a document or spreadsheet together with a corresponding timeframe. Make sure to be very specific with the goal you want to accomplish and the timeframe you aim in finishing it. SMART goals are smart for a reason, so don’t beat around the bush and set goals that you think you can really achieve. 

2. Celebrate Achievements

Setting goals is just half of the story when it comes to increasing motivation in the workplace. Once you’ve managed to accomplish them, don’t just ignore them and move on with the next task. It’s actually counter-intuitive and will only make you even less motivated. So whatever goal you’ve accomplished, whether it be meeting a monthly sales target or submitting a two-page report, make sure to celebrate them in your own little way

Grabbing a coffee, eating at a gourmet restaurant, watching a movie, or buying that book that you’ve been eyeing for a while are just some ways you can celebrate. If you want to turn it into a party with your colleagues, you can always throw one for the entire office. Giving workmates a share of your success can also increase employee productivity among peers and subordinates. Just make sure you won’t go broke after the celebration. In the long run, celebrations don’t only make you motivated in working on the next task, but also help you recharge after spending days, weeks, or even months trying to finish a goal. 

3. Always Request Feedback

How to stay motivated at work? Get some feedback. Sometimes, when you’ve become very good at your job, room for growth can stagnate unless you get a promotion. This is very detrimental to your performance and there may be days that you feel like you’re working on auto-pilot. That is why if work is getting repetitive, try to request feedback from your colleagues as much as possible. They may have some suggestions on your output which gives you a different perspective on how to approach the same task but in a different manner. Just make sure to keep an open mind and take constructive criticism; your colleague isn’t taking your job unless there’s some power play going on in the office. 

Always remember that there’s always room to learn and grow when you’re in a professional role. You’ll never get where you want to be if you’re stuck doing the same things over and over again. That is why requesting constantly for feedback is highly important as this helps you keep things moving forward as well even help you land a new role in the future.              

4. Collaborate 

Requesting for feedback goes hand-in-hand with collaboration. The best organizations always rely on collaboration to get things done faster and more efficiently. Essentially, working towards meeting company goals is easier when everyone is in-sync. When you constantly request feedback, it opens more opportunities for employee engagement. Collaboration doesn’t have to be limited to working on big projects as it can also pertain to getting assistance with simple tasks such as sending emails, creating presentations, or organizing future meetings.        

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Another benefit of collaboration is that you build rapport with fellow employees, even the ones you aren’t close with. If you're a manager or supervisor, motivating employees in the workplace can be tough, but it can be less worrisome with the help of constant collaboration. Managers motivate so that the company can reach its goals. At the end of the day, your success is also their success.              

5. Stay Healthy

The greatest asset that any person can have is having good health. Normally, any employee experiencing health issues will not able to perform efficiently and this can severely hamper operations for any type of company. Many people take their health for granted, but it doesn’t mean you should too especially if you have set sights on achieving big things at your job.  

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To avoid recurring trips to the hospital, make sure to maintain a regular work schedule and exercise as often as possible. Eating the right foods is also a must, so center a diet that is rich in protein and Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E. The office can be a place for a lot of junk foods, so better to bring your own food instead.          

6. Stay Positive

Like all employees, there are situations that will arise that result in the loss of motivation such as work-related problems or personal issues. Although it is difficult, staying positive in a time of deep anger, sorrow, or confusion can actually help you stay focused on your work which in turn gives you an opportunity to succeed in the long-run. Additionally, staying positive helps build mental strength. Remember that problems don’t last forever and staying optimistic will you give you a better grasp of the bigger picture.  

7. Take a Vacation

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The answer to better work and life balance? Taking a vacation. Whether it be a vacation in another city or another country, taking a few days off will help you recharge those batteries and get you going for another round once you come back. Vacations have always been linked to more productive and more motivated employees. So if you get the chance to book a plane ticket and pack your bags for a three-day trip, do so by all means. Just keep in mind when on a vacation, avoid checking or answering emails. It’s called a vacation for a reason and your companion won’t be pleased when you’re still replying to emails while at the beach or at a cabin.   

The importance of employee motivation should not be overlooked in any workplace. Motivated employees equal better performance, and better performance equals higher revenue. If you need motivation yourself, the seven motivation tips for work listed above are all you need; proven strategies that have become the standard for every motivated employee.