7 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better When They are Depressed

7 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better When They are Depressed

7 Ways to Make Someone Feel Better When They are Depressed

Depression is the feeling of acute and prolonged sadness. If you are feeling low or sad for more than 2 weeks and it is hampering your confidence, your zeal for life, your energy, and your outlook, chances are you might be depressed. It is generally difficult to help yourself when you are feeling depressed. While it is not impossible, having someone to support you always helps and makes it easier to come out of it.

In this fast paced life, where stress levels and work pressure take a toll on one’s mental and physical health, anybody can go through depression- a close friend, family member, colleague or even your neighbor. Depression isn’t limited to people of a certain age. Just as adults, even kids and college going teens can also go through depression. Once signs and symptoms of depression are recognized in someone you know, try your best to help them.

Here are 7 ways in which you can help someone feel better when they are depressed:

1. Spend Time with Them

spend time with them

One of the major reasons for depression can be loneliness. When a person you know is depressed, even though they might feel lonely, chances are they will be uninitiated about meeting up. In such situations, take an initiative and meet them regularly. Have a movie outing once every 2 weeks or meet them about twice a week after work or invite them over to your place on a weekend.

2. Read Up

read about depression

Before trying to help anyone going through depression, it is important that you educate yourself on the subject. Everyone has their own moods and behavior when depressed and no two people can be expected to respond in the same way when offered help. Hence, it is important that you read up so that you know very well how patient and understanding one needs to be while trying to help someone under depression.

3. Assure Them

assure them

When someone is low or sad or depressed, it is generally common that they start to feel low on confidence or start to feel that their close ones are not there for them. In such cases, try to assure them that you are there for them. Just doing that will help them and make them feel better.

4. Try and Empathize with Them

try to empathize with them

When depressed, no one wants sympathy from their loved ones or co-workers. But try and empathize with them. Try and understand their woes and concerns and what is it that makes them feel so low and depressed. And lend an understanding ear. Just having someone to listen to them also helps a greatly in easing their sadness away.

5. Workout Together

workout together

When a friend or family member is depressed, generally the first thing they stop doing is taking care of themselves. Their eating and sleeping habits go for a toss and it is difficult for them to drag themselves out to exercise. In such times, be their work out partner. Pull them out and exercise together. Having someone by their side will motivate them to move out of their house, and some fresh air and release of endorphins always help.

6. Appreciate Them

appreciate them

When someone is depressed, their self-esteem and confidence take a big hit. If someone you know is depressed, tell them what you admire and appreciate about them and that will help them feel better. Tell them about their strengths and this will build the confidence back.

7. Encourage Them for Professional Help

help them to seek professional help

While many times, depression goes undetected and people take a long time to get out of it, if you know someone who shows signs and symptoms of depression, encourage them to get professional help. It is the right way to go about treating depression.

Every difficulty or challenge can be overcome. All it needs is a little patience and a lot of perseverance. When someone is low, be there for them because a friend in need is a friend indeed.