5 Ways to Boost your Willpower

5 Ways to Boost your Willpower

5 Ways to Boost your Willpower

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be leading extremely comfortable lives? Do you think they have fewer problems than we do and that their life is a lot simpler? Most often, that’s not the case. We all have to face our share of challenges, difficulties, and problems. Then why do some people deal with them better than others? Why some people become successful while most others get entangled in their own little world of problems and adversities?

The answer is willpower. Some people possess the willpower to go to any length to achieve their goals. They are determined to not give up, when others would have quit a long time ago. Such people are rewarded generously by life, sooner or later. The key is to keep trying. But, willpower is not a gift or a talent.

You have to cultivate it. The best part is that there is no age limit or any criteria to do so. All it takes is a will to have that strong will to design your own life.

In this post we will acquaint you with 5 surest ways to boost your willpower.

Give Your Body the Care it Needs


Understand the importance of a healthy body and mind. Having a strong willpower is not easy, especially for your body. It has to learn to fight more and endure. Take care of your complete self, that is, your mind, body, and soul. All of them need care, attention, and affection.

  • Exercise: How can you take care of your body? Exercise is the best way to do that. Exercise done in any form such as, yoga, dance, aerobics, sports, etc. is the best thing to do for your body. It is also a great confidence booster, and confidence is one of the crucial ingredients of willpower.
  • Diet: Eat the right kind of foods that give you the right nutrients. A hungry person will seldom have the willingness or energy to fix the problems of life. Hunger will make you weak.
  • Sleep: Recharge your mind and body each day with good sleep. Some people say, if you have to reach your goals faster, you have to give up on your sleep. Well, that’s wrong. Inadequate sleep will slow down your growth considerably.

Your body has some requirements; it is your job to take care of them. A healthy mind and body is the first step if you want to boost your willpower.

Accept Fear


One of the major differences in people who are successful and those who lead a mediocre life is their willingness to overcome fear. Fear is not a rare feeling. We are all well aware of fear and also what it can do to us and our dreams. It is rightly said that,

“More dreams are shattered by fear than by failures”.

Fear is merely an emotion and it exists only in your head. If fear has a purpose, it is to bring out the best in you. Fear pushes you to do your best, to not take chances. But, doing that requires willpower.

How will you manage to build willpower? Start understanding and accepting fear. We cannot do away with fear, but we can certainly use it to our advantage.

Every successful and unsuccessful person has dealt with fear, and the way they did it, determined who belonged to which group.

Prepare for the Worst


What happens when you overcome your fear and give your 100%? You become ready for more challenges.

A person with a strong willpower knows that life is not going to be easy. So, they never wish for an easy life. They wish for courage and fortitude, so they can cross the hurdles of life.

They want to succeed so badly that they will go the extra mile to prepare for the worst. When you are ready for any consequence, the chances of those consequences affecting you are negligible.

Being prepared for the worst, will encourage you to take up the thing you have been procrastinating for so long, lest you’d fail. But, what if you are ready for failure? Can anything then stop you? I don’t think so.

So, give your best, but expect the worst.

Have a Strong Resolve


Resolution to stick to your plan, your goals, and keeping that promise you made to yourself, are all signs of having a great willpower.

First off, make a plan. And then follow it no matter what. You will come across people, situations, experiences, and your own fears and thoughts trying to deter you from chasing your goal.

Be strong and do not give in to those voices. Once you make up your mind, just go for it with all you got.

Target One Thing at a Time


It is very easy to be overwhelmed by so many things that happen in our lives simultaneously. Trying to reach a goal may result in problems and complications that you didn’t anticipate. And you find it too difficult to handle them all at once.

It is fine. Do not try to fix them all now. Take one problem or one goal at a time. Focus on it completely and only when it’s taken care of, should you go for the next one.

Break down your problems into small milestones or challenges and target one of them at a time.

Everybody wants a strong willpower. However, most people think that strong will comes by birth. We just saw that it’s a completely wrong notion. These simple 5 ways will boost your willpower significantly.