7 Easy Steps to Boost Your Creativity

7 Easy Steps to Boost Your Creativity

7 Easy Steps to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity is a subtle play of mind. You don’t really plan to be creative but your activities and observance trigger creativity. A creative mind is also the most inquisitive mind. We learn a lot from our surroundings, some of it become part of long memory while others join short memories. These memories sometimes can give a kick start to the creativity. We are always unsatisfied beings and hence we crave for more and more creative things. Our mind never rests, after accomplishing one task it immediately switches to another.

Though greed is always considered negative and bad but the greed for more creativity brings positive thoughts. There is nothing wrong in being greedy for good. Have you ever admired the output of your creativity? Doesn’t it make you feel on top of the world? If you want to travel that path again and again then here are seven easy steps to boost your creativity:

1. Expand Your Horizon

easy steps to boost creativity

Do not limit your thought to one subject or in one direction. Let your imagination fly. A limitless mind can reach the sky. Do not be afraid of thinking big. Because someone someday imagined being able to talk to a person who is miles away and also be able to see him, we have video calling today. Imagine the unimaginative and expect the unexpected and that is where your creativity is hiding behind the veil. Allow it to come out, expand your horizon.

2. Keep a Look Out For Your Inspiration

look for inspiration

You never know what may inspire you and when. Look for the source of your inspiration. It may be staring you right in your face but you may not take any notice. Keep your sixth sense alive and active. Even a child’s innocent talk can inspire you to create something that doesn’t exist. You may find your inspiration either in people or in nature and once you acknowledge it, there will be no looking back.

3. Be in the Company of Good and Motivating People

company of good people

The more you spend time among excellence, the more your mind may think differently. Read good motivating books, listen to best music, watch the best art and the best shows, talk to high skilled people or just listen to what they say. A good company transpires into good outcomes; so, always try to surround yourself with excellence.

4. Never Give Up

never give up

Giving up on something is an act of cowards. No matter what may come, never surrender to unpleasant situations. You have to start somewhere. If you keep worrying about the reaction of others, you may join the herd who always say ‘if only I could’. Even if it appears like a mediocre idea to you, just give it a start. You never know where it may lead you until you try.

5. Acquire Knowledge

acquire knowledge

Creativity goes hand in hand with knowledge. A person who is knowledgeable can only create what others can’t even think of. We often think of only books whenever the word knowledge pops up; books are just one means of acquiring knowledge. Keep your eyes and ears open wherever you go, you may find the abundant transfer of knowledge everywhere.

6. Accept Failure

accept failure

Do not stop the flow of your creativity at the first encounter with failure. Failure gives you a chance to think and imagine differently. Embrace failure as a step towards the creative world.

7. Believe in Yourself

believe in yourself

The sky's the limit for those who believe in themselves. Until you believe in yourself, no one else will. Your creativity feats on your confidence, your positive thinking, and your merry nature.

So, smile and stay greedy for creativity!