How to Boost Your Mental Health by Swimming

How to Boost Your Mental Health by Swimming

How to Boost Your Mental Health by Swimming

We all are scared of water in one instant and in the same instant we love water with the same intensity. From the first rain to the very first time we swim, we have always been fascinated with the powers of waters and how it feels. So, swimming automatically becomes one of the most beloved sport and in US it turns out to be second most participated sport. 

1. Enhances an Ideal State of Mind

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Swimming not only helps in attaining a perfect body, but it also helps in attaining the ideal state of mind. A healthy body yields a healthy mind. There are many instances that one can quote to prove it. The confidence of a healthy body and knowing the fact that you can do things as well as anyone, it brings out a happy go lucky kind of feeling. Due to the natural buoyancy of water, anyone can do swimming, even the ones who are disabled. And this can be a motivating factor for a majority of population. Few researches claim that swimming elicits a natural positive energy while you are in the water. 

2. Generates the Growth of Brain Cells

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Swimming has many wonderful effects in which not only it releases endorphins, but also promotes the hippocampal neurogenesis. Well, we are being too much fancy while saying this. So, to simplify, swimming helps in the generation of brain cells in those areas where there are cases of atrophies under chronic or any other kind of stress. Many of the psychotherapists include swimming as part of the routine in the patient treatment plan. Exercises are always an alternative to medication and drugs and what else can be better than medication.

3. Pumps Blood Throughout your Body

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You must have heard this that the participation in any physical activity or sports often helps in pumping and increasing the blood flow in the entire body. But as per an Australian study, it has been found that there is a special connection between blood flow and warm water immersion. Increase in blood flow means that there are more nutrients flowing in the brain, which means better functioning of the mind. Well, who would deny to a better functioning mind?

4. It's a Brother of Yoga

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Like the Yoga, swimming involves developing a breathing pattern, rhythmic in style, along with stretching of muscles. This helps in releasing all kinds of stresses, which can be physical, mental or emotional. Moreover, just like yoga, swimming is repetitive in nature, which makes it heavily meditative. So, you can join either swimming or yoga class and attain the benefits of both by bringing mental peace and harmony in life. 

No matter where you are, you can always take an advantage of going to a beach or a swimming pool. No extra pair of boots, shoes or joggers. All you need is your swimming suit that you can stick in a corner of your bag and you are good to go. Rest all the aspects of the physical and mental health shall be taken care of with swimming.