Tips to Get Rid of Guilt

Tips to Get Rid of Guilt

Tips to Get Rid of Guilt

Feeling guilty over things you sometimes have no control over, can take its toll on you. Guilt feelings can be harmful and toxic to one’s health, especially when it blocks the positivity and the energy within. It can be harmful in such a way that it can lead to diseases and other psychological or psychiatric problems. Below are some useful tips on how to get rid of guilt.

1. Don't Focus on the Words

don t focus on the words

The “I should do that” or “I should have done that” phrases make a person feel critical or judgmental among themselves. When this happens, the person usually shies away from all activities that are supposedly a means for personal growth. They would feel that they are up to no good or they can’t do anything right.

Committing mistakes are normal and it is okay to make them from time to time. Just remember that these mistakes are also tools for change. Learn from them and let those mistakes and experiences to guide you to make better decisions in the future. Get rid of the guilt feelings over these mistakes because you can never change the past, you can only learn from them.

2. Accept Your Mistakes and Move on

accept your mistakes and move on

Sometimes, making mistakes and hurting other people is inevitable, either through words or actions. When that happens, you feel guilty or awful about the nasty words you have said and even the nastiest things you have done. So, what do you do? Make amends immediately. Do take action as soon as possible, otherwise, the situation will be aggravated and your feelings will be much worse.

Obsessing about it, without thinking of making amends, will keep the awful feeling bottled up inside you. And this can sometimes affect your health. So, when you do have a misunderstanding with someone, accept your fault, apologize and move on.

3. Practice Positive Affirmations

practice positive affirmations

Guilt can affect one’s health, physically, psychologically, spiritually and emotionally. To heal these consequences, you have to bring positivity back in your life through positive affirmations. The “I am”, when followed with positive thoughts, can be very powerful words that can heal a person.

For example, “I am healthy and grateful for all the good things in my life”, is such a positive sentence that can bring peace in a person’s mind and emotions. Make these affirmations in present tense, to make you feel these thoughts and feelings at the moment.

4. Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

dont be so hard on yourself

Forgive yourself and those people that have wronged you as well. This releases the guilt feelings and also the hate towards these people. Being hard on yourself, by being unforgiving, can hinder you from experiencing personal growth, inner peace and harmony in life. To forgive is to allow these grievances to come to pass, and move on with your life.

If you fail to forgive yourself, you cannot possibly forgive the others that have wronged you. And the guilt feeling will eat you from the inside. So, try to forgive yourself a little every day and understand that you are only human, who makes them daily. Also, remember that mistakes are there to help you to change and grow to become a better individual.

5. No One is Perfect

 no one is perfect

No human being is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. If you think other people don’t make any of them, think again. Some even deal with it for years, without making any resolutions. So, if you are being so hard on yourself again, don’t worry, because everyone has their own problems to think about and deal with. Everyone has already gone down a path that has made them act stupid and made them guilty afterwards. Nobody lives in a perfect world with perfect people. Everyone on this planet is flawed. Never try to be perfect because it will only make you feel frustrated and disappointed with you. Whatever you do, you can never be perfect because nobody is. That’s just how things are.

Do not be like everyone else, who escapes their problems and mistakes, and blame themselves by dwelling on the “I should have done that” or “I should have acted differently” proclamations. Be different and face your problems as soon as you can. This is the best way to cope with the guilt. And once you’ve moved on, never look back.