20 Jobs to Avoid if you Don’t Want to be Stressed

20 Jobs to Avoid if you Don’t Want to be Stressed

20 Jobs to Avoid if you Don’t Want to be Stressed

There are people who can handle stress well, and others just can’t take it. The pressure or random tasks, when pop up suddenly can be taxing for most of us. Stress is a measure of how frequently workers faces criticism and how effectively they deal with the high-stress on the job.

1. Emergency Dispatcher

emergency dispatcher

Dealing with emergencies needs a very calm voice and patience. This highly stressful job comes with a high-stress score of 98.5 and an average salary of $ 39,410.

2. Telephone Operators

telephone operators

A job with a stress score of 98.2 has a task of dealing with aggressive callers has a salary of $39,350.

3. Dancers


A short career in itself becomes a reason for stress. The job has a high-stress rating of 97.0 with a salary which is never adequate.

4. Gynecologists


It always becomes stressful when a Gynecologist has to deliver a bad news. The job has a stress score of 96.5 with a high salary of 214,760.

5. Flight Engineers, Pilots, and Co-pilots

flight engineers, pilots, and co pilots

Coping with the stress of people life, this job has a score of 95.2 with a salary of $131,760

6. Healthcare Social Worker

health social worker

This high-stress job scoring 95.0 requires you to neglect your health over others and the salary is $53,590.

7. Broadcast News Analysts

broadcast news analysts

The pressure of the deadline makes this job filled with stress with a score of 94.7 and a salary of $ 84,380

8. Childcare or Preschool Education Administrator

childcare or preschool education administrator

Involving a huge task of taking care a lot of children, this job has a score of 94.2 with a salary of $52,190.

9. Mental Health Counselors

mental health counselors

Taking everyone else’s stress is a stressful job with an average salary of $43,990 and a score of 94.2

10. General Internist

general internist

Treating complex illness patients can be overwhelming. The job has a salary of $ 190,530 with score of 94.0

11. Probation Officers

probation officer

This job makes you look into high profile files leaving low profile offenders unmonitored. An average salary of $53,360 the job has a stress score of 94.0

12. Chief Executives

chief executives

Though the job has a high average salary of $180,700, but the responsibilities are even bigger with a stress score of 93.8

13. Costume Attendants

costume attendants

Anything goes wrong with the actor’s looks, you are the one to be blamed. A job with a stress score of 93.5 with a salary of $50,270

14. Licensed Practical and Vocational Nurses

licensed practical and vocational nurses

For a licensed nurse, the emotional stress is inherent with an average salary of $43,420 and a stress score of 93.5.

15. Funeral Service Managers

funeral service managers

With a very less time to make to make the event memorable, this job has a tolerance score of 93.3 with an average yearly salary of $81,080

16. Psychiatric Aides

psychiatric aides

Dealing with unstable patients is always a patience job. The Job has an annual salary of $38,430 with a tolerance score of 93.3

17. Respiratory Therapists

respiratory therapists

A multi-tasking jobs in a hospital and can be very stressful during emergencies scores 93.3 with a salary of $58,490

18. On-Field Sports Officials

on field sports officials

An average salary of $33,400 and stress score of 93.3, Umpires have to monitor very little movements of the game and player. They virtually do not blink.

19. Child and School Social Worker

child and school social worker

The stressful act of making families and children feel comfortable while you are around, the job has a stress score of 93.3 and $46,180 as salary.

20. Nurse Midwives

nurse midwives

Coping up with stress while staying with an expectant mother is a task. The job has a score of 93.5 with $97,700 as salary.

The most stressful jobs can be physically hazardous, psychologically demanding.  In case you are not the one who can handle the stress well on the job then these jobs are not meant for you.