Homeless man in San Francisco is Rewarded $100,000 for Spotting Fugitives

On 2nd February 2016 Tuesday, A 55 year old homeless man; Matthew Hay- Chapman spotted criminals who eloped from the prison.

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One was a kidnaper and the other one was a murderer. Matthew was nearby Golden Gates Park and in front of a McDonald’s shop, he saw these criminals and informed the San Francisco police about it; hence they got alerted and arrested them.

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For his good deed; he will be awarded with $100,000. On Tuesday; the noble decision of awarding the homeless man was made by the Supervisors of the Orange County Board. The two criminals were having a cup of coffee and within this time period they both got arrested. The two escapees were; a 37 year old Hossein Nayeri and 20 year old Jonathan Tieu. They even stole a van which was parked in that same place.

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Matthew Hay Chapman said that he always reads the newspaper daily on a regular basis. When he saw the stolen van; he recognised it as well as those escapees from jail by the descriptions given in the newspaper, hence he informed the police as it was his duty to do so as a resident of his country.

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On this the Supervisor gave his thoughts that what this homeless guy did was brave as most of the people are usually afraid and stay away from such issues but what he did is really appreciable and it is their pleasure to award him with the six digit sum.

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