Live with Positive thoughts

Live with Positive thoughts

Live with Positive thoughts

During my professional career, I have dealt with vary of people who want to enhance their career. Some of them achieved it easily, but some of them not. Some of them complaints a lot, some of them quit from their current job and find the new one. Some of them have planned dream career path in the last semester of their college, some of them just following the wind. Some of them think that having a bright career is about luckiness, some of them against that opinion. What about you?

1. Self concept

Self concept

Self Discipline For Success

Refers to Baumeister (1999), self concept defined as “the individual’s belief about himself or herself, including the person’s attributes, who, and what the self is.” Now, let’s start with first request from recruiters on the interview session, “Tell me about yourself!” How would you describe yourself to them? This initial statement will affects the entire interview and will be base for them to score you. So, be sure you describe yourself as think positively and naturally.

2. Motivation


Stay Motivated

What is your motivation on finding a job? Money? Yes, of course. But, is there any other reasons apart from money? Self development maybe? Self actualization? Your motivation directs your thoughts and acts in order to get what you want.

3. Goal setting

Goal setting

Journey to Self Discovery

You have to set a goal in your career. Recruiters may ask you to describe yourself in the next five years, for example. What is your goal? Have you set it up? If the answer is not yet, you better do it soon because goal setting is a master plan of your projection and includes the steps to achieve it.

4. Knowledge


How to Face With Change

What do you know about the job you apply for? Have you any idea on how to do it? What is your plan to improve your knowledge especially about this job? For the beginner. better knowledge means better opportunity you have to win a job. For experienced people, better knowledge means better chance to go up higher to the next level of their career path.

5. Skill


Self Improvement

Beside knowledge, skill is also important for you to win a job and/ or to advance your career. Knowledge without skill is useless, skill without knowledge is improper. Thus, both knowledge and skill are supporting each other. What skills do you have? How would you improve it? Are those skills valuable for the company you apply for?

6. Attitude


Maintain Positive Attitude 

For some position, some circumstances, or some companies, attitude is more important than intellectuality, skills, and experiences. There are people who have been hired due to their positive attitude and personality, not because their academic background. Why is it important in professional work? Company aim to hire you for a long time period. Hence, they have to find people whose own good attitude and pleasant personality. That is one of the reasons. Now, think about yourself, are your attitudes good enough for the company?

7. Way of thinking

Way of thinking

How to Overcome Negative Thinking

Next, recruiters will also find out about the way you think, the way you interpret the world, the way you deal with difficult people, the way you cope your stress or difficult situation, and the way you solve your problem. Are you someone with positive thoughts? Or, are you someone who always see the negatives and complain a lot? Think about it one more time because positive people, with positive thoughts, will have more advantages compare to negative people.

8. Company requirement

Company requirement

Want to Be a Successful Person

Different company has different culture and working atmosphere. Those differences demand employees to fulfill the requirements being asked. Anyone who can meet these requirements shall have a brighter future compare to others who can’t. That’s why performance appraisal is held periodically; to see how well you did your job, how far you can go, and the final to decide whether you are worth for the promotion or the salary increment.

The factors described above mostly came from the inside of individual. Either for fresh graduates or for experienced professional, having all those things are necessary if they want to accelerate their career. Guess what, one thing that unify those factors above is positive thoughts. You will have a positive image of yourself, which is related to self concept, only if you have positive thoughts about yourself.

High motivation is also related to positive thoughts in which people with high motivation usually own positive thoughts either. In order to set a high goal for your professional career, you have to think positively about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to make it happen, as well as pushing aside all the barriers.(Inspirational Quotes About Life)

As already mentioned that better knowledge will guide you to a better opportunity, then, to gain a better knowledge first you have to develop positive thoughts inside yourself. Negative thoughts will only decrease your eagerness to study something. Same as knowledge, improving your skills also need a form of positive thoughts.

Unless, you will only get lost in disappointment when you face a failure in the process of advancing your skills. Next, attitude, people surrounds you and the environment you live in, will be wider open for you only if you have good attitudes and personality. This point is an additional value of yourself if you have it.

Your boss, your clients, your colleague, will give you positive feedback thus strengthen your chance to have a better career.The last two factors which we will discuss in this paragraph is way of thinking and company requirement. Have you been in a difficult situation over your career times? How did you deal with it? Whether you realize it or not, your supervisor observes you in all aspect of work, includes this matter. (Motivational Quotes About Life)

The way you think somehow affects your career both in a short and long time period. Develop positive thoughts is a must if you aim to enhance your career. Company requirement may change from time to time due to many reasons. How you deal with the changes appear determine the next step both you and company want to take. So, what else are you waiting for? Start to build your positive thoughts for your positive career.