10 Best Lessons Learnt From Unsuccessful People

10 Best Lessons Learnt From Unsuccessful People

10 Best Lessons Learnt From Unsuccessful People

Following others blindfolded, at times, can lead you nowhere. Nevertheless, taking notes and success tips is always welcome; you should not mould yourself into something that you are not just to fit in their shoes.It is often advisable to observe the path of both successful and non-successful people so as to get inspiration and ideas respectively.

There are equal learnings to be derived fromSuccess and Failure. 10 key lessons to learn from failures,to achieve our desired goal:

1. Copy but Smartly

Copy but Smartly

We often tend to mimic others while following the footsteps of our own. The questions that often come to us looking at successful people - What is it that they did? What did they study? How did they manage their obstacles?However, during the course of imitating, you have to realize the criticality of executing your plans instead of following the already laid down paths of your idols. Your journey is unique.

2. Following the Lead Blindly

Following the Lead Blindly 

It’s probably time you stop following the path of someone else just to define your own success. You are quite different and perhaps your ideas and perspectives are too. There is no harm in taking a glance at other stories but implementing them, or reproducing them, won't be beneficial for you.

3. Quitters Die Alone

never Quit

One of the prime aspects of success is that 'never quit’ attitude. This is what differentiates unsuccessful people from the successful ones. (Unsuccessful Vs Successful People) Once you have set your goal, these obstacles and hurdles are just the temporary phase, let alone a reason to back fall.

4. Alter Your Behaviour

Alter Your Behaviour

No matter how attractive it may seem, never ever follow the behavioural patterns of the other groups. What you can do in this regard is to modify your own behaviour. How you perceive things, your attitude and your way of life is your mark.

5. Minor Differences Matter

Minor Differences Matter

Try to incorporate your own strategies and resourcefulness in the everyday work. Use your imagination and creativity instead of letting others sit inside your head, thinking of short-cuts.Try to execute conventional patterns differently. You will be surprised at how many ideas you can get while storming your OWN BRAIN.

6. Substitute Pain with Positive Energy

Substitute Pain with Positive Energy

Though it may seem difficult, you need to constantly work it up so as to enhance the quality of positive energy. Quitters tend to stick to the pain aspect, thus buying the reason for their own fall nonetheless. You can turn things around and not be among them.

7. Validate your Instincts

Validate your Instincts

Perhaps one of the most admired and elemental lesson you can reproduce for your own path as well, as it is, is the ability to follow your own instincts. Your gut feeling is always right. It also gives you the courage to bounce back from obstacles and failures.

8. Manage Time

Manage Time

One of the most essential characteristics you can unalterably apply is to manage time. One who respects 'seconds', has won half of the battle even before the battle itself.

9. Don’t Expose All Your Tactics

Dont Expose All Your Tactics

Sometimes it is smart to be selfish. This doesn't mean you have to start behaving insolently to your peers, friends and colleagues; you need to be a lot careful while exposing your thin side. It is important to differentiate between what has to be shared and not has to be not!

10. Learn to Say 'NO'

Learn to Say NO

You are not responsible for all the work in the world. That’s God’s business. It’s better to ignore the ones that are not serving purpose, and stick to what is making you stronger or even slightly happier.There are uncountable lessons that can be learned from success stories; however, what really drives the concept of 'being successful' are the real stories where people have failed.

Put yourself together and start digging out the opportunities from these failure stories. The lessons are remarkable and life changing.