Little Boy With Down Syndrome Teaches World How To Succeed In Life

Little Boy With Down Syndrome Teaches World How To Succeed In Life

Little Boy With Down Syndrome Teaches World How To Succeed In Life

As every parent knows, kids are often our best teachers when it comes to life lessons. 

Jackson, my son, is a precious little boy with Down syndrome is no exception. In his 5 short years of existence, he has already taught those around him many invaluable lessons on life. 

The following are five lessons that were inspired by Jackson. Learn how you can apply this common sense knowledge to your business and career goals.

1. Don’t Worry if Plan "A" doesn’t Work

Worry if Plan

Set Smart Goals in Life

There is an old saying that goes

"Don’t worry if plan A doesn’t work. There are 25 other letters to try."

This of course implies, if one plan doesn’t work, try another. Due to his Down syndrome, Jackson had various speech delays. As a result, we had to begin communicating via sign language. They changed their plan. The lesson you can learn from this is if you aren’t finding success on your current path, try a different one. 

But, don’t give up. If you can’t walk, crawl. Eventually, you will reach your goal if you keep moving.

2. It’s Okay to Ask For Help

Okay to Ask For Help

Strengths and Weaknesses Can Help You

Jackson had other problems in addition to his speech delays. He also had difficulty feeding himself, stacking blocks, crawling…you name it. We didn’t want him to continue to fall behind his peers, so we sought out professional help. Through the work of great speech, play, physical and occupational therapists, along with music and dance therapy Jackson experienced a dramatic improvement. 

As an adult, you too should seek help if you find yourself in over your head. Look to other people around you who have went down the same road and found success. Ask for their advice. Never let pride stand in the way of getting the help you need to succeed.

3. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Compare Yourself to Others

Start Practicing Self-Love

If we compared him to a “normal” child, we would constantly feel like he was behind. After all, he has a disability, so comparatively, he would always be behind. Instead, we compare him only to himself, to how far he has come, how much he has improved, so we only see how much progress he is making. This is the most accurate way to measure success. (Stop Punishing Yourself )

Don’t compare your success or failure to that of your peers. After all, everyone is on different paths and in different stages of their journeys. Just make sure you are always moving forward and improving yourself, marching towards your goals and meeting your milestones. Don’t worry if you aren’t as far along as someone else.

4. Look for the Best in Everything and Everyone

Look for the Best in Everything

Style Yourself Out of a Fitness Slump

Some people would look at kids like Jackson and see their flaws. They might even make fun of them. However, they would be wrong to do this, because Jackson and kids like him have so much to offer to those who are willing to get to know them. In business, you can apply this principle by seeing the good in your customers, employees and colleagues.

They all have something to offer. Everyone has a history, a back story that makes them who they are today. So, don’t judge people so quickly that you don’t get to know them as they truly are.

5. If You Remain Genuine, You Will Attract Good People

If You Remain Genuine

Small kids like Jackson don’t worry if they are well liked by others. They don’t hide behind masks that are meant to camouflage who they really are and what they truly think. They just are who they are. Conversely, in the business world, many people try to hide who they are behind fancy cars or expensive watches. 

But, if you really want to attract the right kind of people, those being the genuine variety, you need to be transparent with those around you. Show who you really are, and you will be rewarded for your honesty.

Jackson is an amazing young man who has inspired so many with his life lessons. The five listed above are just a few that are applicable to your business and career. You are sure to find new opportunities and greater success by applying them to your life.

True Story Inspired by Jackson

True Story Inspired by Jackson