How to Overcome the Fear of Disappointment?

How to Overcome the Fear of Disappointment?

How to Overcome the Fear of Disappointment?

The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar which the ultimate fulfillment of that hope never removes - Thomas Hardy.

Disappointment is the immediate reaction of a lost hope. When you expect too much out of a thing or a relationship and if it doesn't happen the way we expected, the result is a disappointment. Another name for disappointment is frustration. You love a person so much, but he doesn't share the same feeling for you, you feel very irritating.

The more you love a person, the more is your chance of getting hurt. It may be your husband, your daughter or even your friend. I won't say that you should not love them, but love them unconditionally because when you don't expect anything in return, you seldom feel disappointed.

disappointment fear

This is, perhaps, the best way to strengthen a relationship. Imagine a situation when your friend appears in front of you suddenly on your birthday and presents the most beautiful gift, how happy you will be? You will be on cloud nine because you never expected this. Unexpected gifts and love are so precious because it gladdens your heart and soul.

Take the example of a relationship break because of a misunderstanding. Here, you bring to an end, which would have been an everlasting relationship because the other person failed to live up to your expectations. Instead of analyzing what went wrong, you say goodbye to that person. Here starts your disappointment. Is there a way to come out of it? If so, what is that?

1. Never Have Any Expectations on Anyone

dont have expectations on one

If you have high expectations on anyone, the result is a disappointment. So as much as possible, avoid having expectations on others. This will help you to strengthen your relationship with others.

2. Don't Be Highly Judgmental

dont ne highly judgemental

Don't just assign fault on others. If you feel bad about a relationship, it is your fault. Avoid having strict procedures like we find in the offices in your daily life. Open up with your partner or children how you want them to behave in a particular situation. If you want your living room to be highly decorated and attractive, share this with your partner or kids. If they don't behave the way you expected, don't be harsh with them.

3. Get Rid of the Ego Factor in You

avoid ego

I am so nice and intelligent, why are others not like me? I feel it awkward to go and apologize to my friends or wife because I feel my ego is hurt when I do this. These are a couple of examples where our ego dominates a healthy relationship. In many occasions, we lose precious relationships because we are too much egoistic and give too much importance to the ego. So avoid doing that.

4. Help Others to Understand Your Feelings

help others

If you want others to behave the way you want, discuss with them and help them to understand how you want them to behave. This will help you a lot to overcome your fear of disappointment. Understand the fact that nobody can help you the way you can help yourself.

5. Practice Give and Take Policy

practice give and take

Try to compromise, understanding the fact that it is the best way to keep a relationship alive.

These are the best possible ways to come out of fear of disappointment.