6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

6 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

Life is filled with obstacles.  Without the proper skill set or mind frame it can wreck havoc on our professional and personal growth.  There are certain qualities that a person must develop in order to overcome life’s obstacles successfully. 

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them.” ? George Bernard Shaw

Overcoming an obstacle often requires courage and perseverance. It is very easy to give up in the face of challenges. Some tips have been short-listed in order to overcome these obstacles.

These tips may not ease the battle, but will certainly help you in dealing with your problems, and in saving time. When obstacles arise most of us stay focused on the obstacle. However, that time can be used to focus on a more productive behavior.

1. Change your Perspective

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Improve Your Life

Don’t look at an obstacle as an obstacle.  Instead, view this challenge as an opportunity to build your skills.  It’s easy to get dejected if things do not work out.  However, don’t get stuck in that. 

Focus on the bigger picture.  This will widen your perspective, and boost your self-confidence, and you will be able to handle any challenge thrown your way. 

2. Think outside the Box

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Your Path to Awakening

Perhaps this obstacle is life’s way of telling you to take a slightly different approach.  Don’t be afraid to make minor changes to your game plan.  Think of other strategies that will help you attain your goals.

3. Don’t get Discouraged

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Put Yourself Back on Track

Everything in life has a specific time for it to materialize. Just because your plan may not immediately work out, doesn’t mean it will never succeed.  Give it time.  Do not lose hope and believe in yourself. Getting discouraged will only prove that you do not know how to handle challenges.

4. Critique Yourself

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Get and Stay Motivated

It is important to engage in self-introspection. Take time to analyze yourself and be prepared to change in order to overcome the obstacles. Perhaps you are the obstacle itself. Be honest about your beliefs, thoughts, actions and feelings. 

You may realize that your own attitude is holding your back from accomplishing your goals. 

5. Inspire Others


Just because you are going through a rough patch, do not turn away from everyone else. Learn to support and cheer others in their victory. Remember that what you give is what you get.

6. Surrender


Though this last step seems counter-productive, it’s not.  Once you have accomplished the other steps, stop fighting your obstacle.  At this point it’s not in your control. This does not mean that you give up, it just means that some obstacles disappear on their own with time.