How to Get Started on a Career Change after 50

How to Get Started on a Career Change after 50

How to Get Started on a Career Change after 50

A lot of people end up in "dead-end" jobs, jobs that they don't really enjoy or are not paying enough to support their goals and/or family. People can work in jobs like these for decades before mustering the courage to change career. There are times where in that could happen after you reach the age of 50.

We do believe that there is a guide on this site referring to how to successfully begin a career change, that's a more general view on this matter. If you want to check it out, I would recommend it. Anyway, here's How to get started on a career change after 50.

1. Making the Decision

make the decision

Always, when dealing with a career change, the decision is up to you. If you're reading this, then chances are you've already made the decision or are planning on making it. There is a risk but there is also most certainly a reward. In this hyper-competitive market, even swapping career can be quite difficult. But at 50 years old you have accumulated a vast array of skills and experiences, that is an asset most employers will see and jump at the chance.

The thing here is knowing how to use that to make yourself look good enough to your employer. Another thing here is that at 50, you only have 10-15 years before retirement, so you may not get another shot at career changing. This one has to count. The Decision is tough but it is ultimately up to you.

2. Continue to Adapt to the Time

continue to adaprt time

Times change, and so does technology. The technology that was available in your youth may be obsolete during the contemporary era; so keeping up with what's available right now will help you adapt to the new career you choose.

3. Learn From The Freshgrads

learn from freshgrads

There's a lot that you can learn from talking to a freshgrad. You've been working for decades at this point, amassed a lot of experience, and learned a lot of tricks and tactics of the trade. But what do they have that you probably lost 10 years ago? It's the youthful optimism, their mindset of surviving the job and simply being happy to earn a living.

4. Compare Yourself With Others

compare with others

It is good to try and check how other people your age are currently handling the plan of career changing. What we mean here is that you should check how easy or difficult it is to change careers depending on the culture of your region. Try to research their stories so you can learn what to do and what it takes to be able to successfully change career at 50.

Changing career is always a risky decision no matter what your age is. You lose the stable income you have had for many years, but you gain something else, the opportunity that you have been waiting for. At 50 you're still swinging, you're still in the groove, but also you have the knowledge, wisdom and the know-hows to make it big in whatever you choose.