Be More Conscious of an Overly Polite Person, Here’s Why

Be More Conscious of an Overly Polite Person, Here’s Why

Be More Conscious of an Overly Polite Person, Here’s Why

Politeness improves our relationship with others; it boosts our confidence and self-esteem improving our communication skills. But being over polite or those who are extraordinarily nice are the one who are likely to stab behind the back than those who are less polite or sometimes even rude.

What is Politeness?

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Politeness is a valuable and social etiquette which defines the personality of the person. It is quite possible that politeness cannot be visualised as rudeness or inconsiderate behaviour which is quite visible when a person is rude. It improves the relationship with others and sometimes complicated situations can be handled with ease due to politeness. 

It builds a good rapport in the society. It is the impression which we leave on others being considered as mannered and knowledgeable.

What is Over Politeness?

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Over-politeness is just being a little bit too nice; no matter their agenda might be something else than what is intended. There are people who have never been rude or said something bad and try to impress everyone with their over politeness. Sometimes it is also considered that it is like building a base to betray others. 

Over politeness attributes to a structured discourse or a positive sentiment and politeness which are mostly found just before a betrayal. It has been seen that nice people often betray others.


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One thing is for certain is that if there is a change in the conversational mood, and then it is for certain that the person is diplomatic. You never know why they are being so nice to you but later on, you come to know about their kindness. In front of you, these people act as they are all yours but as you turn your back, they start talking about you.

If an individual is buttering you out of the blue, it can be an unwelcome sign. Try to race a few questions in your head before getting flattered with your politeness.

Be Aware

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If someone suddenly becomes extremely nice to you who have never given any preference to you before, they might have something else in mind as these types of people are the ones who backstab the person for their own purpose. So, we should be aware of the over politeness of others. It is very difficult to detect such people but you need to go for your gut feeling.

You should be aware of what that person wants to gain from you. It is quite possible that the things are not always as they seem to be. The nature of betrayal is vast and people swearing bigger words or better vocabulary to be over polite are the ones to be suspected of betraying others to serve their purpose.

Over diplomatic people think hard before they act. Generally, they don’t react at the situation instantly as their intentions are deep rooted, far-sighted, and well planned. Though, when they react, their intensity of reaction cannot be predicted as they can go to any extent to fulfill their purpose whether it’s being over diplomatic.