7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Up on Your Dream

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Up on Your Dream

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Giving Up on Your Dream

Everyone has a dream which they want to achieve. The dreams are the life goals. For some people it is finding the perfect job; for some people it is finding the soul mate and for some people their dream is to be at a place which they love. Every individual has a separate dream. Having a dream of your life is the most beautiful feeling and when you achieve it, you feel on top of the whole wide world.

Life is full of difficulties and so is the path of achieving your dream. If at some point you ever feel like giving up on your dream, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Why did You Pursue this Amazing Dream of Yours in the First Place?

why did you have dream

Try asking yourself this question that what made you pursue this dream. Everyone has an emotional connection with their dreams. These dreams are the only thing they love the most in their lives. Do you really want to let it go just because of some difficulties occurring in your life? Are you really a coward? Just remember the moment when you first had this dream, try reminding yourself that special feeling.

2. Is there Any Other Way Other than Giving Up?

any other way than givingup

Your dream is extremely precious to you. Do you really think there is no other way of solving your problems other that giving up on your dreams? If you are unable to achieve it and you lack the resources, you should try changing your plan and not the dream. Try having smart goals. Through it you can easily achieve your dream goals in a systematic manner.

3. Are You Scared of the Hurdles in Your Way?

scared by hurdles

Ask yourself if you still keep going on for achieving your dream, what worse can happen? Does this really scare you from not even trying for once? You should always remember that regret is worse than failure.

4. Does Success Scare You?

does success scare you

Are you afraid of success? If no, then you should keep moving forward towards your dream goal; it is your passion and anything which involves passion can never have a bad ending.

5. Are You Really Quitter?

are you quitter

Giving up on your dream makes you a quitter and coward. Are you really such kind of a person?

6. Why are You Thinking of Giving Up?

thinking about giving up

Point out the reason behind your decision. Now compare if your dream is bigger or these problems.

7. Is Giving Up on Your Dream Worth It?

is giving up worth it

This is the most important question. Do you really think that giving up on your dreams is worth all the struggles and sacrifices you did till now? If not then you should try thinking everything all over again.

Whenever you think about the dream of your life, your eyes start to glitter so bright that even the Sun feels shy. You should never let this light go, so just hold on and work harder until you achieve it.