Judge Your Candidate with These 10 Job Interview Questions

Judge Your Candidate with These 10 Job Interview Questions

Judge Your Candidate with These 10 Job Interview Questions

Asking the correct interview questions is the best way to assess the capability of any candidate. If the answers are evaluated properly, they can speak volumes about the candidate’s strengths and technical knowhow on the subject.

Interview is a great way to assess the details that are beyond the scope of a resume. Information about candidate’s personality is revealed through his or her answers. And most times, asking the right questions proves to be another challenge for an interviewer in order to arrive at better outcomes.

Here are the top 10 job interview questions that an interviewer should ask the candidate for a better evaluation.

Tell us something about your background


This question is the most effective way to figure out the candidate's confidence level. The coherence of the answer and its relevance to the job profile that includes qualifications and experiences pertinent to the job opening would determine how suitable a candidate is for the position in hand.

What are the qualities that make you the perfect candidate for this job?


Candidate will have to represent himself in a way that would make him stand out from the rest. He would have to prove his competence by answering this question. An interviewer will be sble to gauge the candidate' unique qualities with this question.

If you had to change or redo anything in the past, what would that be?


Asking about the candidate’s past is a good technique to know about the decisions that the candidate has made previously. Candidate’s ability to identify the previous lapses will be revealed with this question. It would give the interviewee an opportunity to also talk about future endeavors and aspirations.

If I had to approach your previous boss and ask about your areas of improvement, what would they be?


Instead of directly asking the candidate about his/her shortcomings and weaknesses, it is better to put forth the same question in the above manner. You would then get an honest answer because the candidate knows that if he lies, he will get caught and ultimately lose the job prospect.

What was the reason to leave your previous job/why are you looking for a change?


If the candidate gives a comprehensive, professional and diplomatic answer to this question, he/she can definitely be hired.

Describe some of the accomplishments that you are proud of.


The candidate should give an answer that brings out his/her suitability according to the job profile. It would work both ways. The interviewees would get an opportunity to talk about their achievements and the interviewers would be able to zero down on the best candidate.

What do you know about our company?


If you wish to have information regarding the candidate’s presence of mind, you should certainly ask this question. A good candidate would be well prepared with all the facts about the company, starting from its motto to its vision and even the balance sheet.

Share with us the things that frustrate you


The candidate’s ability to troubleshoot any situation is reflected in the answer to this question. The one who talks about more instances of problem solving skills can be hired.

Where do you see yourself in half a decade?


The candidates who have a vision about their future are the ones worth hiring. Ambitious people are always great to work with.

What keeps you motivated?


If the candidate’s motivations match the job profile and the culture as well as structure of your organization, you have a great employee in front of you.

Above interview questions would give you an enlightening insight into the candidate’s personality and overall qualifications. These questions break the ice in the most effective manner and the proceedings will look more like a conversation than a “nail-biting interview”.