10 Powerful Positive Words That Can Make You More Powerful

10 Powerful Positive Words That Can Make You More Powerful

10 Powerful Positive Words That Can Make You More Powerful

Life is unpredictable. No rule applies to life which can certainly make it more prosperous or fair. Still, the conditions of our life and the virtue of experience allow us to apply some standard approaches to achieve better and higher goals.

A person, who leads life according to set principles or disciplines, is likely to be more successful and balanced than the one who just flows through it in a vague unplanned manner. Here is a list of ten words which can be the stepping stones for a powerful presence:

1. Ambition

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Having an aim in life and being passionate about it solves half the worries related to our present and future. The idea of having an ambition is imperative in a person’s life. It gives his studies, his vocation a direction and allows him to retain a sense of meaning in life.

2. Self-Awareness

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To initiate or analyze anything in life, one needs introspection. One should always have time to think about the self to understand private nature, interests, needs and the expectations one has from himself and his life. A self-aware person has better prospects to progress as he is independent in taking decisions on the basis of his own instincts and capabilities. Sometimes, when no one is there to help, a self – aware person can help himself better.  

3. Benevolence

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It is always beneficial to understand early in life that all of us are mutually dependent upon each other and hence, need to be there in the times of need. The virtue of benevolence imparts a friendly disposition and makes a person more approachable. Such sense of ethicality enriches us with a genial attitude necessary for maintaining our faith in equality and humanity. Moreover, one who extends his support in any form is supposed to have more connections than the rest, and thus apparently have better chances of growth.  

 4. Imaginative

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If we ponder over the uniqueness of human being and where does it lie, the answer shall be his perception. If one is able to perceive things in an innovatively different manner, then his uniqueness lies in that ability. His imagination and the power of creativity makes him and his work distinct from others.

5. Flexible

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As we live in a society, we all need to connect with all its members. Whether professionally or socially,  it remains beneficial in staying flexible and accommodating. It helps one in being a part of everything and staying connected to new people and pursuits. Even in order to learn something, one cannot be stubborn in his approach,  he has to open himself and allow the unfamiliar stuff to sink in.

6. Diligent

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Sloth is considered almost a sin in various religious traditions of the world and to some extent,  it is a wise thing to avoid sloth. For learning anything, an application of one’s entire energy and focus is necessary. Executing a task with hard work and smart ideas is the honest way of doing it. If one keeps on procrastinating or shying away from a certain kind of work, then the person is not being honest to it. One’s power lies in his manner of completing a task which ultimately makes him better than others.  

7. Motivated

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To initiate any task and to remain true to it, one needs to stay inspired. Inspiration does not have prescribed sources; it can come by admiring other people and their lives or through events in your life. If one starts taking every event as a sign, influencing his instincts, then motivation is not far from pursuit. In order to stay motivated, one needs to feel everything and work towards turning something small intro large and impactful.

8. Sincerity

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Even if one has the gift of talent, it goes waste if it is not followed with sincerity. Accomplishing a task with sincerity is equal to remaining loyal to it. If one does not retain his sincerity towards his work then he is compromises on with his own capabilities. Doing a work with discipline and sincerity is all that makes a difference.

9. Diplomatic

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Remaining honest in our dealings is important and ethical. But in certain situations, it is intelligence to apply diplomacy. It is wise to take a diplomatic stance to remain in a convenient situation.  If one is in a space where one cannot be disagreeable with anyone, diplomacy is the key to work with. It helps one to remain in a powerful position and handle the situation well.

10. Optimistic

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We may be preached by anyone on the principles and truths of life but they can only cause an impact if one has a positive view of life. One who stays balanced in the times of grief and unrest is better able to channelize his inner energies. Life is to be lived and not to be passed. Hence, in order to extract maximum from all the phases of life, one must retain the power of positive attitude within himself.