11 Tips to Tell your Boss you Screwed up in Your Job

11 Tips to Tell your Boss you Screwed up in Your Job

11 Tips to Tell your Boss you Screwed up in Your Job

Admit it! Everyone makes a mistake in their professional world. Many try to hide the mistake, but few are bold enough to admit the mistake to their boss. “When we make mistake we experience a cognitive dissonance, which is a form of mental discomfort and tension” says Mary Hladio, workplace expert and president of Ember Carriers leadership group.

The more you are honest about your mistakes, the more is the chance of solving the problem quickly.

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 This article helps you in giving tips on telling your boss how you are screwed up in job:

Take a Step Back and Breathe

So you made a mistake and worried about the consequences that you might get sacked. Rather than getting into stress and visualizing you getting fired, sit back and give yourself some time to sort the things. 

Assessing the Damage

Before you head to inform your boss, try and figure out how this problem can be solved. Once you have assessed you can start conversation with the boss and show you want to sort the problem.

Be Direct in Conversation

When you are about to start a conversation with your boss, make sure you are direct and don’t buffer in the conversation.

Taking the Responsibility

This means, you are acknowledging that you made a mistake and want to sort out the things.  You can speak on how you can handle this situation.

Give Them the Confidence that it won’t Happen Again

While explaining, bring them into the confidence that the mistake will be sorted out and it won’t happen again. You can take up preventive measures like meetings, checking your notes and explaining steps on making things better.

Devising Action Plan for Moving Forward

You need to prepare a devise plan to fix the problem and make your boss understand how well you are prepared with the devise action plan for the mistake committed.

Do whatever it takes to Control

You need to plan aggressively on taking up the situation in control. Show your boss even though you are screwed up, you are ready to take it into control.

Prepare yourself for Consequences

Yes, you need to be mentally prepared for the consequences that will face.  Even if you are upfront and apologetic, you need to face the consequences.

Go Easy

It will be a difficult time for you to undergo the situation. However, you need to go easy during such time and mistakes might turn into opportunities. 

Don’t Blame Others

You need to make sure that you don’t blame others for your mistake. If you have committed the mistake make sure you take up the responsibility.

Admit it Immediately

It can be a painful thing, but yes admitting your mistake immediately will bring down the problem to a certain level.


The final conclusion is, even if you have done a mistake, you need to make sure that you admit it and handle the situation smartly. This way your boss will understand you have taken up the responsibility.