The Power of Defining Yourself

The Power of Defining Yourself

The Power of Defining Yourself

In the pursuit of happiness through career, wealth, family and friends we often forget to focus on enriching ourselves with teachings of great men, one of them could be you! It’s not only about comprehending but applying these teachings in our daily life. A new thought can change the whole outlook of life.

As a human being, each one of us is imbibed with the ability of achieving greatness. We have the upper hand over other living beings as we transfer our knowledge to next generation. With the immense web of knowledge, we need to develop and inculcate the habit of enriching ourselves as when we will be ready, we will realize the reason for us to be here.

1. Learning New Things

learning new things

We are the most agile and fittest to have being survived thousands of years irrespective of numerous natural calamities. So considering this, while thinking of our self as a definite being, we are changing the whole concept of being a living creature with brain; instead, we should change the whole concept and try to develop new interests and learning new habits which will develop you as a greater being than what you were yesterday.

2. I am Not That Kind of Person

i am not that kind of person

Never constrict yourself as a particular person, be open to ideas and new methods to be applied in your daily life. The very phrase “I am not that kind of person” means you are not free to change and adapt, which should not be so. Always invite and welcome new ideas and thoughts. Never restrain yourself with these thoughts. Learn new things, this will not only make you more confident but will also produce a versatile and updated version of you.

This will also help you in having productive conversation with people which in result will make you feel better about yourself, which will give you insight of how different people think. As a result an updated version of you will be sculptured. But ignorance is not bliss in this case as there is a constant needs to keep working on all the information and knowledge you have. “Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude towards it, for that determines our success and failure”.

3. Enhance Your Skills

 enhance your skills

Never shy away from opportunities and hard work, as every obstacle is an opportunity to grow. Each problem is a way to enhance your skill set. Always remember that a ship is safe in a harbor but that’s not for what ship is built for. It’s supposed to explore the vast oceans, which in our case is the ocean of opportunities.

4. Exquisite Opportunities on Top

exquisite opportunities on top

It’s never too late to become whom you always wanted to be, as Rome wasn’t built in a day! Never be on the negative side, as each step you take towards your goal is each step away and ahead from your older self. But for that we need to read and constantly keep doing it and gather as much as knowledge as we can. Always be in student mode and be ready to receive idea from every being. As in the bookshelf, the good books are on the top, by reading constantly you add layers of knowledge on which you can stand and obtain those exquisite opportunities on top shelf of the life.

5. Be Selfish and Help Others

be selfish and help others

All this covers your basic requirements of daily life, but we can never be content if we don’t help others. As dalai lama said “Be selfish! And help others, as the joy you will get is beyond compare”. It will make you feel better and will also inspire others to be helpful too. Inculcate the altruistic and philanthropic qualities in you, as the greatest wealth is the goodwill of people towards you. There is no secret to be content and happy if you are in control. And trust me, we are always in control! Our joy is in our hand, same is the case with when it comes to being sad and gloomy.

Be furious! Go get what you want! Good things come to those who wait, but only those things which are left by people who go and get what they want. Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goals.

These logics will surely help you as these have helped me too and I am sure you will find your way around too. Stay blessed! Eat well! Exercise hard! Be stupid! And do what you have always wanted to do irrespective of what others comment about it.