Most Expensive Ski Resorts

Most Expensive Ski Resorts

Most Expensive Ski Resorts

The snow on the ground often lures the ski lovers, who have the passion to hit the slopes with their snowboards. You would find such lovely hills around the globe, where you could ski in the snow with immeasurable pleasure.

The resorts for skiing are also expensive entertainment centers with hotels that could give you world-class service with top amenities. As a matter of fact, the resorts give you the opportunity to get away from the chaotic daily routine and spend some time having fun and frolic. Sports on the snowy ground could keep you fit as a fiddle.The best ski resorts around the world are as follows:

1. Le Chabichou - $ 837 per night

le chabichou

This beautiful ski resort is a hot destination for sports lovers. Located in France, this place attracts people with their families for adventure on slopes of snow. The alpine slopes in the resort have only the best quality in the world. The hotels and other amenities give you a warm and friendly environment.

2. St. Regis - $ 900 per night


Come to United States and discover the St. Regis Aspen Resort. The warmth and comfort of this place attracts all kind of tourists. This is the only resort where one may enjoy skiing and spending time in the Spa.

3. The Little Nell Resort - $ 1,012 per night

the little nell resort

Just take a peep over the mountains in Aspen and the town under you in Colorado, and you will find the Little Nell Resort tucked between these two places. This fabulous place is one of the best in the United States, where you will enjoy skiing and the breath-taking view of nature.Other renowned skiing stations in the world are:

4. St. Regis Deer Valley Ski Resort (Colorado, U.S.A) -  $ 1,037 per night


5. Suvretta House Resort (Switzerland) - $ 1,121 per night

suvretta house resort

6. Almhot Schneider Resort (Austria) - $ 1,185 per night

almhot schneider resort

7.  Carlton Hotel (Switzerland) - $ 1,256 per night

carlton hotel  switzerland

Ski resorts are the finest place to enjoy in winter. Despite the high cost, those are great tourist destinations.