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Albertsons is a well known grocery company based in United States of America. With its headquarters in Boise, Idaho, the company deals a number of products like bakery, dairy, frozen foods, sea foods, pharmacy, general grocery, meat, snacks and liquor. The company also has a large number of supermarkets through which it retails it products to the consumers.


albertsons in boise, idaho

Founded in the year 1939 by Joe Albertson, Albertsons was a one of its kind store in Idaho at that time. With some very different perks that were not available anywhere else like an integrated ice cream parlor, free parking and money back option, the store went on to make a name for itself among the local customers. The popularity of the store brought in many customers and a lot of profit, which prompted Joe to open similar stores in the neighboring cities. He went on to open new stores in Nampa, Emmett and Caldwell. After the World War II, the company grew on a steady basis. In the year 1959, the company went public. However, there was no stopping the growth of the company. It opened its 100th store in 1964 in Seattle.

Acquisitions and Partnerships

In order to expand its business, Albertsons went on to partner with a number of companies and even acquired a few. The company got into a partnership with Skaggs Drug Center in 1969 and went on to open its new shop which offered both food and medicines to the customers. However the partnership soon ended. In 1992, Albertsons acquired 74 of the Skaggs Stores and renamed them as Albertsons. The company made its biggest acquisition in 1999, when it acquired American Store Company. This company consisted of a number of food chains and pharmacy chains like ACME, Jewel, Lucky, Sav-on Drug and Osco Drug. This acquisition made Albertsons the largest grocery chain of the time. In 2004, Albertsons acquired Star Market Company and Shaw’s Supermarket.

However, umpteen acquisitions wreaked havoc on the management of the company and led to its sale to SuperValu in 2006. Thus the company was renamed Albertsons LLC. The company closed down a number of stores in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado, Florida, Texas and South Dakota. In 2007, Albertsons LLC acquired Raleys’ outlets in New Mexico. In 2013, the company acquired United Supermarkets LLC of Lubbock. Albertsons acquired Safeway Inc, in 2015 and went on to be the second largest grocery chain after Kroger in the North American region.


Presently, Albertsons have close to 2,200 stores around the country with more than 250,000 people working for it. The company is known for the various food and non food brand that it owns. These include Good Day, Master’s Choice, A+, Village Market, Essensia, Signature, Homelife, Shoppers Value, Java Delight, Farm Fresh, Culinary Circle, Arctic Shores, Stockman & Dakota, Baby Basics, Flavorites, Super Chill, Stone Ridge, Wild Harvest and Equaline.

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