Most Expensive Scooters

Most Expensive Scooters

Most Expensive Scooters

With all the types of vehicles, scooters turned out as one of the most best-selling vehicles these days. The 2-wheel vehicles don’t only get the attention of many, but almost all of us. The vehicles come in different styles, colors, models and brands. So, people who plan to buy this type of vehicles usually wonder which brand is the right to buy. If you got trouble on how you can get the best among the rest, then you can base it on the price range.

Once you see it to have a high price, then it must be a good scooter. Yet, you can check the most expensive scooter and see the details about that 2-wheel vehicle before you decide on buying.

1. A Vespa 90SS

A Vespa

The Vespa 90SS claimed as the best run of scooter today. A racer would love this scooter with chromed special exhaust, narrower front-end, handlebars, distinctive glove box on the gas tank. The scooter marked as on the top list because of its 2 outstanding factors: desirability and availability. It is one of the hardest scooters around the U.S. 

2. Lambretta A Model

Lambretta A Model

Lambretta A has a sweet deco. You will never expect that a dream scooter had become a dream come true as it is best in skyscraping scoot-style – a pretty stiff scooter. The engine is a bit tricky and the tin work sets you back. Lambretta A is the style of bike by Matt Damon in the movie entitled “The talented Mr. Ripley”.

3. The Pre-1950s Vespa

 The Pre-1950s Vespa

Expect the unexpected from $3500 price of this scooter. Who would say that this scooter will not blow your mind? Of course, the price of this scooter doesn’t mean you can afford, but you are one of the richest people who direly like scooters. The numbers of this type of scooter can actually be counter by persons’ hands. Meaning, it is limited and only a few can have the chance to own this. 

4. The Vespa GS VSI-4

The Vespa GS VSI-4

This is an early scooter that was introduced way back 1970 with old style shifting.

5. The Lambretta GP200

The Lambretta GP200

The valuable scooter is the oldest and the most recent.

6. The Lambretta TV200

The Lambretta TV200

The scooter is a classic Italian Lambretta, a very collectible scooter.

7. The Vespa GS160

The Vespa GS160

The scooter is the best of the breed in Vespa. It has an updated body design.

8. The Lambretta SX200

The Lambretta SX200

The scooter is much alike with the TV2OO, but it is sleek and fast. The bike just rules.Luckily, if you are a scooter lover, you would spend time to read this page. You will figure out how much your apple-of-the-eye scooter cost. Finally, you will not let the clock pass by and see how many customers are buying the scooter. You can have it and proudly call it as yours!