Most Expensive Cruise

Most Expensive Cruise

Most Expensive Cruise

Do you feel bad just because you have been working for a year and you don’t even have a break? You wanted to have a holiday or even a week of vacation just to relax and relieve the stress from the tons of workloads in the office. Then, you must have to freshen yourself through having a travel through the most luxurious cruise ship.

You only have to book for yourself or even for a 2 for room reservations. Luxury is the right term thrown by the crowd once they hear about the bucks of price rates, and you may experience this through booking for a trip on a cruise ship.

1. The Allure of the Seas - $1.5 Billion

the allure of the seas

The cruise is the world’s expensive cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean International that roams around the seas today.

2. The Oasis of the Seas - $1.4 Billion

the oasis of the seas

This is the second-built most expensive cruise ship with 5 times size of the Titanic, owned by the same Royal Caribbean International.

3. The Norwegian Epic - $1.2 Billion

the norwegian epic

A new concept of “freestyle cruising” and owned by Norwegian Cruise Lines.

4. The Disney Fantasy - $940 Million

the disney fantasy

The cruise designed to accommodate families and gives joy and fun to the children

5. The Disney Dream - $900 Million

the disney dream

The cruise ship is a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company with world’s first on-board water coaster.

6. The Queen Mary 2 - $880 Million

the queen mary 2

This cruise is popular for its steady astonishing high stand of exactly 147 ft longer than Eiffel Tower. 

7. The Norwegian Breakaway - $840 Million

the norwegian breakaway

The cruise is the largest ship to home port in NY with open-air space. This cruise is truly amazing. Wow! You would say you had the most perfect vacation while you are in the most expensive cruises, which it called it as luxurious trip or travel. Therefore, you deserved to have a few days of break and revive back your energy to work. Come on-board now with the most luxurious cruise around the world !!