Quotes About Virat Kohli By Cricket Legends

Quotes About Virat Kohli By Cricket Legends

Quotes About Virat Kohli By Cricket Legends

Fiercely talented, tough, and daring Virat Kohli has emerged as a popular face of India’s current generation cricket. From his ability to smash the landing balls to his bottom handgrip, and to just every other thing about Kohli is highly impressive. Indeed, he is the king of chases. He has mastered almost all the formats of the cricket. It is for this reason the Vice-Captain of Indian cricket team, deserves the platform where he stands today. 

1. As Of Now, Virat Kohli Is Gratest Batsman Of The World. - Saurav Ganguly

as of now,

2. I Have Watched Sachin But And I Must Say He ( Kohli ) Seems To Have The Ability To Bat Like Him - Lan Healy

i have watch

3. I Love Watching Virat Kohli Bat. I Love His Aggrission And Serious Passion That I Used To Have. He Remainds Me Of Myself - Viv Richards

i love watching virat kohli bat

4. If I Have To Pick The Best Batsman In The World Cricket Right Now, Only Two Names Come To My Mind. One Is Ab De Villiers And Other Virat Kohli - Nasir Hussain

if i have to pick the

5. There Aren't Too Many Batsmans In World Cricket Today, Who Love Chasing And The Burden Of Trying To Overtake A Big Score. The More The Pressure On Virat, The Better He Plays - Harbhajan Singh

there arent too

6. To Became A Good Player, You Need Talent. To Became A Great Player You Need An Attitude Like Kohli - Sunil Gavaskar

to become a good player,

7. Virat Is A Rare Talent. I Was Fartunate To Be Part Of That Process Of Seeing Him Grow And That Gives Me Immense Pleasure - Gary Kristen

virat is a rare talent

8. Virat Kohli Is The Prince Of Indian Cricket - Lan Chappell

virat kohli

9. Virat's Success Does Not Surprise You. His Failures Do - Sanjay Manjrekar

virats success

10. Watching Kohli Bat, Ramainds Me Of Tendulkar - Michael Clarke

watching kohli bat,

 "He is just an unbelievable batsman! No need to say anymore" -Brian  Lara

lara on kohli

 "To become a good player, you need talent. To become a great player, you need an attitude like Kohli." - Sunil Gavaskar

gavaskar about kohli

"Virat is one of the world’s greatest batsmen, combining an unmatched ability to dispatch the ball with pin-point accuracy with exceptional running between the wickets" - AB de Villiers

ab de villiers on kohli

 "There are players who are in form and there is Kohli who wins you games again and again" - Yuvraj Singh

yuvi about kohli

"No shame in being beaten by a genius, Virat Kohli is a freak" - Michael Vaughan

michael vaugh about kohli


"Virat Kohli is the best shorter version batsman that I have ever seen. He’s been an absolute genius" - Kumar Sangakkara

kumara sangakkara on kohli

"The GPS in Virat Kohli’s brain working fine" - Harsha Bhogle.

harsha bhohle about kohli

Kohli’s performance against Pakistan at the Adelaide in Australia speaks for itself about his edginess in the game. So far, a number of experts have been deflecting a direct comparison saying either it is too early to define Kohli’s expertise in cricket. But in his every game he proves “the right time has come.” In fact, some experts consider him better than Sachin Tendulkar does.

The way Kohli plays, is so well poised. No doubt, he deserves to be the best ODI batsman in cricket history. The statistics itself stands as the proof of Kohli’s dominance in cricket. Going by this, Kohli has made 6,332 runs and 22 centuries in 151 ODI’s - that averages 52.33 runs, whereas Tendulkar made 5,342 runs and 12 centuries in 151 ODIs – that makes an average of 39.86 runs. The difference is of around ten centuries 1,000 runs and 12 runs average. Moreover, Kohli made the score of 22 with 143 innings while Tendulkar took 206 innings to make the figure of 22.

Kohli’s has made it to the “praise list” of many distinguished personalities of the cricket world. Rest, the quotes say it all.