7 Reasons Why Peace of Mind is More Important than Money

7 Reasons Why Peace of Mind is More Important than Money

7 Reasons Why Peace of Mind is More Important than Money

Since we have done away with the barter system, we’ve developed various forms of currency and coins. Money is one of the most important factors determining one’s success and life in today’s world.

But is money more important than peace of mind? It’s actually quite the opposite.

1. 40% of Our Happiness Depends on Our Actions

happiness from our actions

It is true that 40% of our happiness depends on our actions. Out of the remaining 60%, 50% is via the genes and 10% via uncontrollable factors. You can’t lose the important 40% determiner of your happiness for something called money, can you?

2. Life isn’t Infinite

life isnot infinite

While you may keep putting off the things that lend peace to your mind for eternity, the truth is that life is finite. All you have to do; you have to do now itself. The time on earth is limited for everyone. If you have a dream, it will take the time to build. Even if in a backdrop, work on making it true and the peace of mind will be incomparable.

3. Peace of Mind is About Contentment


While a certain amount of money is important, if one develops greed, no amount will appear sufficient. However, there will be no contentment. Greed will keep you on your toes all the time and anything that you make will feel inferior.

4. Tithing is Important

tithing is important

Even the Bible states about tithing. In most cases, you need a basic support to be able to make a good amount of money. However, many of the unfortunate people in the world don’t get that kind of support. The art of tithing is to bring a leveller and give some funds for education and daily needs of the poorer of our society. It also brings more peace of mind.

5. Money Can Vanish!

money can vanish

Money can simply vanish anytime in your life. Many of the big names in the world have seen bankruptcy. Sometimes, there is even mass bankruptcy like in the times of great depression. Money won’t help you there, your peace of mind can bail you out.

6. Dreams are Important

dreams are importanr

Dreams are what keep you alive and what separate you from the rest. You can be like others or you can live your dream. You might not get as much money in the start, or anytime. But you’ll live a happier and more content life doing something meaningful.

7. Rat Race is for Rats

rat race for rats

The rat race for earning money is for rats only. You’ll eat in expensive restaurants, buy costly phones, have luxury cars, all because the successful people are supposed to do all that. Instead, you could carve a niche for yourself and drop the rat race following. Create your own path and make the world follow you, don’t look for material comforts all the time.