Most Expensive Celebrity Toys

Most Expensive Celebrity Toys

Most Expensive Celebrity Toys

When you're one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world, you can  afford luxuries that the rest of us can only dream about.If you thought whipping around your pop's old Cadillac was rolling in style, wait until you see our list of the most expensive celebrity play toys.

These are the cars, yachts, and planes that everyone wishes they could own. 

1. Necker Nymph - Richard Branson's $671,511 Necker Nymph submarine


We could have created an entire list of Richard Branson's play toys. But we felt that his Necker Nymph personal submarine was one of his coolest things we've ever seen.

2. Lambo - Chris Brown's $219,000 Lamorghini Gallardo

chris brown lambo

Chris Brown is the owner of this dope Lamborghini Gallardo, custom painted to look like a U.S. fighter plane. We're not comfortable with Chris making himself out to be a tough guy (because he's definitely not).

3. Pharrell - Pharrell's $14 million yacht

pharalle yacht

We were originally going to showcase a bunch of Pharrell's skateboards, but it turns out that this guy can't actually...well, never mind. P is the owner of this tight $14 million yacht, which is equipped with its own music studio. Yeah, Mr. Pharell  might be the only guy with a floating recording studio. Crazy….

4. Beckham - David Beckham's $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom

devid bekham rolls royce

Bend it like Beckham and customize your Rolls Royce Phantom into a blacked-out, topless machine of greatness. What's $400,000 to this guy, after all?

5. PRIVACY - $25 million


6. McLaren - $500,000

mclaren meredes

7. Vajorliroja - $130,000


8. Fighter Jet - undisclosed amount


9. Katie Price - $ 2 million


10. Senses - $ 43 million

screenshot Well well well ……cannot really stop…. Amazing things the rich own and maintain , is it hobby or is it showing off of having made it to the TOP. I feel for some it is a real hobby and for some it is a way to let people know their status , making these super expensive machines their showcase else what would a person need a Fighter Aircraft for …...