Azealia Banks Story

Azealia Banks Story

Azealia Amanda Banks


azealia amanda banks

Azealia Amanda Banks is an illustrious singer in the music genre of hip hop, song composer and an actress. A recipient of numerous awards, her fame skyrocketed with the release of mixed music composition album titled ‘Slay Z’ in March 24, 2016, wherein her daring innovations in amalgamating diverse genres of musical styles from the rap variety literally created a sensation.

Childhood and Education

childhood and education

Banks was born on May 31, 1991 in Manhattan, New York, USA. Her early year were filled with obstinate struggle against the social environs in which she was born. She lost her father at the age of two to cancer, and was raised in difficult and strained circumstances of her mother along with her two elder sisters, especially due to the virulent abuse by her mother. In 2005, she had to abandon her home due to her mother's continuous hostility and live with one of her senior sibling.

childhood and education

As an impressionable adolescent, she had her schooling at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, where she specialized in dance and theatre performance. She could not complete her stint in high school due to perilous circumstances.



As a schoolgirl, Banks had participated in a musical comedy show titled ‘City of Angels’ from where she got some offers to participate in further auditions but all these ended in a fiasco. Then, she shifted her concentration to the composition of rap songs outlet as a channel for sustaining her creative talents.  From then on, she assumes a series of successes and sometimes dismal setbacks.

  • In November 2008, her solo recording album ‘Miss bank$’ got released.

miss bank

  • A year later, she abandoned her former self induced brand name of ‘Miss Bank$’ and assumed her formal name Azealia Banks. Under this name, she released a number of self-presentation musical tracks, such as ‘L8R’and the introductory cover of the album ‘Slow Hands’ by the ‘Interpol’ group.

  • Having met with little recognition, Banks had to work for a brief period in New York as a stripper and a Key chain vendor at various clubs.


  • In September 11, 2011 she made a comeback to the music scenario by releasing her solo musical album ‘212’. This brought her much recognition among the Rapper circle of musicians and patrons in various countries in Europe such Britain, Netherlands and Ireland.

  • Again, in December 16, 2012, Banks released her single track album titled ‘NEEDSUMLUV (SXLND)’ on her website, on the occasion of the thirty third birthday of the singer Aaliyah Houghton.


  • Her first ‘extended play’ musical album titled as ‘1991 got released in May 28, 2012 but met with a rebuff at the UK Albums Chart. Nonplused, in the next year, her album has bestowed a gold license by the Australian Recording Industry Association. Along with this, her long intended mix tape ‘Fantasea’ also got released through her Twitter account.

  • In July 11, 2013 a partial version of her music album ‘ATM Jam’ from the larger series of Broke with Expensive Taste’ got aired in BBC Radio 1. A second portion from the Broke with series was launched by her on July 28 in the same year titled ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’ under her own insignia.

  • In November 7, 2014, she released her solo studio album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ though without containing the version of ‘ATM Jam’ in it.

broke with expensive taste

  • After some brief photo posing with ‘Play Boy’,  her latest mixed tape album got released on march 24, 2016 titled ‘Slay-Z’.

Personal Life

personal life

At a very young age, she had numerous liaisons with many men, though as of now, she is not married. It is also currently rumored that she is dating the musician Alex Turner, though that remains unconfirmed.


Full Name :
Azealia Amanda Banks
Born :
31st-May -1991
Zodiac Sign :
Birth Place :
New York City
Occupation :
Actress , Rapper , Singer
Industry :
Food & Beverage
Networth :
$3 million dollars

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