Famous Actresses

Actress is the one who portrays a character in a performance. In the world of entertainment, they are the performers & they perform "in the flesh" in the traditional medium of the theatre, and/or in modern mediums such as film, radio, and television. Considered as the most glamorous professionals on the earth, the life of actress is not that easy. It’s all about hard work – portraying the character to its truest sense & make it lively. One should be perfectionist to portray such onscreen characters, keeping aside her own persona.Here are some famous Actresses who have contributed their bit to the world of entertainment:

There are broadly two types of actresses – Lead role or the Protagonist and Supporting role. The type depends on the script of the movie/theatre/play etc. Actresses not only act but also symbolizes the image of beauty & sensuousness. It is based on their image in the industry, they are also offered various types of endorsement deals from several Brands & companies. While some actresses are subjected to typecast, others love doing offbeat roles.

The social image of actresses are very delicate & they should take utmost care in maintaining the same. Infact many present day actresses across the globe has their own PR agencies, who manages their public image as an ongoing assignment. The life of actress is an open book, because of their popularity & invasion of paparazzi – almost every life event of theirs are known to public. And with Social media, it’s more so. The life span of success of an actress is very short lived & hence they try and make the most of it – both in terms of earning reputation, wealth & bagging some award winning roles.