Famous People Born in May

The influence of the birth month on the personality of an individual cannot be overlooked as it determines the characteristic traits of people to a considerable extent. When it comes to knowing more about the people born in the month of May, enthusiasm and energy are the best traits these people possess and they take them a long way ahead in life. Such people are resolute in whatever they do, but on the human side, they are very understanding towards the others. Hard work is their biggest strength and they do not believe in sitting idle even for a single moment.Here are some famous people born in the month of May:

On the physical front, May born people are attractive and this quality, along with their mental tenacity, enables them to win hearts wherever they go. They are also blessed with excellent oratory abilities, which make them a center of attention in all gatherings. Such individuals have an artistic bent of mind and they can spot beauty from a distance. In fact, they have a refined taste in literature, music and art.

People born in the month of May possess unmatched zeal, which they put into anything they do. They get motivation from within and hardships and failures can do nothing to dissuade them from the goals they have once set their eyes on. Being practical in nature, they believe in setting realistic goals and also are systematic in their approach, though they are inclined to be stubborn at times.