6 Reasons Why You Need to Practice YOGA

6 Reasons Why You Need to Practice YOGA

6 Reasons Why You Need to Practice YOGA

I think we can all acknowledge that exercise is something that is good for us. Not only is it good for our bodies but it aids our mental and emotional well-being too. Any exercise is better than no exercise and the best combination is to do some cardio work, some toning exercise and some stretching or flexibility work.

The benefit of yoga is that it can combine all of these and there are many different types of Yoga which you can do. So you can pick a branch of yoga that will deliver the results you want if you practice regularly. Here are just a few of the benefits.

1. Yoga Increases Flexibility and Builds Muscle Strength

flexibility with yoga

This is not something you will notice immediately, but if you continue to practice yoga, your flexibility will improve. Gradually you will notice you can bend further and stretch more and this is good because often, tight muscles can put a strain on the joints. In fact, lots of people who practice yoga notice that aches and pains particularly in joints lessen or even disappear. In addition to improving flexibility, regular practice of yoga will help you to increase muscle strength which again will aid general fitness and can help the body look toned.

2. Yoga Protects Your Spine and Improves Posture

yoga protects your spine

Most yoga routines will involve some forward and backward bends which help the discs in the spine remain supple. But stretching can also improve posture and as people practice yoga, they feel the benefits of correcting their posture and begin to notice that as they go about their day, some of the ways they sit or stand actually put pressure on different parts of the body and yoga can help one become more aware of how one sits and stands.

3. Yoga Increases Blood Flow and Drains Lymph

yoga increases blood flow

The bends, stretches and movement of yoga also encourage the drainage of lymph which helps to boost the immune system. In addition, many yoga postures and movements increase the flow of blood which can improve the supply of oxygen to various organs by increasing the blood flow around the body. In particular, blood flow to hands and feet can be improved. The inverted poses, like head or shoulder stands can also encourage the return of venous blood from the legs and feet back to the heart.

4. Yoga can Increase the Heart Rate and Lower Blood Pressure

yoga increases heart rate

We all know that aerobic exercise is good for our hearts and while this might not be something you associate with yoga immediately, some types of yoga like the Ashtanga yoga does raise the heart rate. Other types of yoga may lower the resting heart rate and the relaxation elements of yoga will help to lower blood pressure.

5. Yoga can Reduce Stress and Make You Feel Healthier

yoga reduces stress

The relaxation element of yoga combined with the concentration on breathing and regulating the way you breathe can also help to reduce stress. Many people report feeling calmer and healthier when they practice yoga regularly. In addition, when you start to practice yoga and make it a regular part of a healthy lifestyle, often you then think about other lifestyle choices, like the food you eat for example and this too can have a beneficial impact on your health.

6. Yoga can Improve Your Focus and Concentration

yoga improves your concentartion

The meditative aspects of most yoga routines can help sharpen focus and even increase concentration. Next time you are struggling with a mental problem, try performing a few yoga moves or postures or even a few simple stretches with some deep breathing and you will probably find that it helps you find a solution.

If you are seeking success in any area of life, it is more likely to happen and certainly it will be easier to sustain when your life is balanced and healthy. One way to improve this is through the regular practice of yoga. If you are not sure where to start then try booking a class locally or even search online as there are a whole host of videos which can take you through a short routine even as an absolute beginner.