Forgiveness Tips for the Most Unforgiving Individuals

Forgiveness Tips for the Most Unforgiving Individuals

Forgiveness Tips for the Most Unforgiving Individuals

Forgiveness is an act of letting go of all the resentments and thoughts of revenge towards someone. While it may seem simple, most of us find it really difficult. While it is not easy to forgive someone, it is still the best we could do to protect ourselves from the harms of holding grudges.

If you are also one of those who has several grudges against other people who have harmed you or wronged you, here is a list of a few tips that can help you get over the resentment and offer forgiveness to the other person or persons:

1. Remember You are not Perfect

rememer you are not perfect

It is worth reminding yourself that you would have done wrong to several people too. When the realization of your own imperfections will dawn on you, you’ll automatically let go of the resentment towards others.

2. It Hurts Your Health

forgivness health problems

It is a fact that holding grudges against someone makes you think about him or her all the time. This makes you toss over the bed several times and also lose sleep. To make sure you sleep well and don’t hurt your health, you have to let go of the grudges.

3. It Makes You Irritable

it causes irritation

Anytime someone wrongs you and you keep the resentment towards him or her, you’re likely to become irritable and lose focus. You are likely to get offended and see everyone with suspicion. This hurts you in every field.

4. Understand Their Perspective

understand perspective

We often become self-centred and discredit feelings of any other person around. This is one of the reasons why almost everyone feels wronged because the world doesn’t run according to them. The moment we go beyond ‘me’ towards ‘we’ and accept everyone as an equal, we will understand that there are different perspectives to each side. We’ll appreciate the other person and let go of all the resentments. 

5. Notice Your Thoughts

notice your thoughts

Have you ever seen a stupid movie which has many plot-holes in them? You have noticed them because you were aware of something going wrong. The same thing can work for your thoughts towards the person you hold resentment. You can simply notice your thoughts and keep noticing them until you find those flaws in your thinking and the various assumptions that all humans make. The point is not if you are wrong or right, the point is that nobody can be 100% wrong and nobody can be 100% right, and perhaps you have missed something that brought you to an avoidable conclusion.

6. Life is Short

celebrate the life

Understand that life can end anytime. There’s no one to forgive, nothing to forgive. Life is a celebration which must not be wasted on trivial things. Be like children playing- they fight with each other all the time but are the best of friends almost immediately. That is how one needs to be to truly enjoy the gift of life.

By practicing the above tips, you can simply make your life more enjoyable and much better.