7 Reasons for Why it’s Better to be Wrong than Boring

7 Reasons for Why it’s Better to be Wrong than Boring

7 Reasons for Why it’s Better to be Wrong than Boring

A quote by Andre Geim goes: ‘Better to be wrong than boring’. The quote is a challenge for each one out there to be innovative in every little task, to try and make a dent in the universe than being one of the rats in this race of the world.

Below are the 7 reasons why it’s better to be wrong than boring:

1. Wrong Leads to Right, Leads to Immortalization

wrong leads rights

If you’re willing to be wrong, you will eventually get it right if you keep following the trail. No one has become immortal doing a job that anyone else could do, but by creating something that nobody did before. For creating, you will need to see failure, and be called as wrong.

2. It Builds Character

it builds character

It is much easier to walk on the bed of rose petals, much more difficult to remove thorns from the roses. Failing, being wrong, builds a character.

3. Everyone Who Ever did Something Useful has been Wrong

everyone who did is wrong

When James Watt created the steam engine, everyone said it won’t run. When it did run, they said it won’t stop now. The people with opinions talk about what they are accustomed to, but those daring to go wrong, leave us with so much useful things. Every invention, be it the steam engine, electricity, telephone or the internet- has been about the trail followed by the inventors to come to the correct result after being wrong thousand times.

4. You can be Boring Anytime

you can be borung

A boring job can be done anytime, but it’s better to be an entrepreneur in spirit and try to be innovative. You may be wrong, but every person who ever became successful has been wrong too. If you dare to take the challenge, there will be several challenges but you’ll eventually overcome them if you keep following the path.

5. Listening to the Soul

listen to soul

Each of us is special because of a soul. It is the inner voice that dies if we adhere to the society rules and don’t follow what we really want. But if we listen to the inner voice, we’ll get to learn ourselves. During that learning, we’ll have to be wrong several times to know the correct method.

6. There’s no Tutorial to Life

there is no tutorial for life

There’s no tutorial to life and the challenges that it may throw from time to time. It’s better to try and be wrong before you’re thrown with a challenge to be different to survive. Life is unpredictable and can throw challenges anytime, but the point remains "Are you ready to take those challenges?"

7. Being Wrong Builds Survival Instinct

being wrong builds survival instinct

Survival instinct is one of the factors that gets sharpened every time we try something different. If we go wrong, our brain will develop an instinct against that method and will automatically drive us towards better and more plausible solutions. However, to come to that stage, one must be willing to try and fail. It develops survival instinct that helps in life, all the time.