Why Do Best Looking Personal Development Plans Fail Miserably?

Why Do Best Looking Personal Development Plans Fail Miserably?

Why Do Best Looking Personal Development Plans Fail Miserably?

We all want to improve, to get better and better within whatever context applies to you, to reach our goals and dreams. Some of us just let fate take its course, others make plans.

And though I'm not trying to dismay anyone from formulating a well thought out plan, I'm here to share the reason Why Do The Best Personal Development Plans Fail Miserably?

1. We Just Don't Stick To a Plan

we dont stick to plan

I'm sorry if my first point here is brutally frank but that's just the way it is. Most people really have a hard time following out a pre-laid plan. The reasoning behind that may vary, whether you simply give up and lose the motivation to carry out your plan along the way. or you might have found that the plan you have used only looked good on paper but was rather difficult and unrealistic in reality.

Or maybe somehow you just found a better alternative so you just decided to ditch the plan you originally thought was one of the best looking personal development plans. Whatever the reason, plans are hard to follow as they require constant reminders and constant effort in order to be effective. A lot of people find that hard, look at New Year's Resolutions for example.

2. Unforeseen Consequences

unforseen sitiuations

A plan can be well thought out, your plan for personal development can be foolproof but the only thing certain in the world is uncertainty itself. You never know what could happen that would make you lose sight of your plan to personal development. You could get fired out of nowhere, you could end up getting suspended from classes for one reason or another and your plans to improve in those aspects may have just gone down the window. Plans are always good to have but you can never be ready for everything.

3. Time and Effort

unforseen consequences

This ties back in with my first point, time is your enemy here. How long is your plan to improve yourself? How long do you believe you can stick to your plan and constantly exert effort in order to achieve your goals? Losing interest simply because you have worked so hard and are not willing to do anything further would be one reason why your personal development plan ultimately fails.

4. The Best Plans Are Unrealistic

bestplans are realistic

The "best" and "most amazing" plans are often not grounded in reality. It deals with idealisms and goals that may or may not be within reach. The high expectations you have may lead you to fail as you are unable to fulfill the requirements and stick to the plan.

5. Analysis Along The Way

checking the progress

Checking on your progress can be a good thing, you see how much you have accomplished and it motivates you to move further. But it can also be a demoralizer if you notice your well thought out plan isn't working to the level you expected it to. It may not even be underperforming that much, it may not even be truly underperforming either, it may be all in your head because of the expectation you had in it, being the best personal development plan you can possibly have. That would discourage you and result in you leaving your best plan to rot in the dust.

You will not fail at all times if you make a plan, there are just circumstances where that happens. Be careful of these reasons why your plan for improving on an aspect of your life may fail, and certainly you will find what works for you.