What Your Feet Can Reveal About Your Health

What Your Feet Can Reveal About Your Health

What Your Feet Can Reveal About Your Health


Since these are the lowest extremities of the bodies of individuals, they get the least attention most of the time. The feet are considered by people only while doing a pedicure. They take it for granted and do not attend to the problems and symptoms until it is too late. The pains, numbness, and cramps showcased by the feet are dealt with localized medication to subdue the symptoms and give instant relief. However, one would have to realize that these symptoms could be the telltale stories of what problems are in store in various parts of bodies.

Reveals Disorders

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Doctors in the medical fraternity are aware that all the key nerves end in the feet. For instance, feet that are regularly flaking and having dry skin could be the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. The numbness that is felt often in the feet could be signs of heart disorders or diabetes mellitus since the blood flow is complicated within and, therefore, extremities do not receive their ration of blood as usual. Discoloration of the toenails could be the indication of the fungal or yeast infection in some other parts of the bodies. If people feel morning numbness or severe pain in feet in mornings, then these could be signs of rheumatoid arthritis. The sudden appearance of moles and red spots could be initial signs of cancer, which have to be addressed immediately. However, one has to realize that these symptoms could also be due to the localized problems in the feet and need not necessarily lead to huge biological medical complications.

Call to Ensure Balance


When one studies the surface of the feet in depth, they would be able to enhance the performance of a variety of organs within their bodies. By walking on top of the rugged paths or pebbled stones with necessary protection to the sole with footwear would mean healthy lives. Walking is a natural acupressure method that encourages the bodily functions to perform properly. Therefore, while individuals have to walk regularly, it is good to also listen to their feet, when these organs are throwing up signs of discomfort. By identifying the discomforts and going through various medical tests, one would be able to unravel the various diseases that are there within the bodies. This will give them the necessary bandwidth to address the problems and arrive at a positive solution, by addressing the root cause of the issue.



Since the feet showcases all possible telltale signs of present or future diseases, one has to watch it closely. It is wise for users to watch out for various symptoms that their feet are throwing up to ensure that they know when to take help from the medical fraternity. It is equally important to learn about the various pressure points in the feet, which are linked to various organs. There are charts available online and in stores to learn which areas of the sole is linked to which organs. These will help the users to ensure that they apply acupressure at the right points and enrich the performance of these organs in a holistic manner.