Smart Target Examples

Smart Target Examples

Smart Target Examples

In any kind of organization, field, and institution or different company targets are defined. Without a proper strategy, any goal or target can’t be achieved. A Smart Goal is defined as one which is S for specific, M for measurable, A for achievable for result-focused and T for time bound.

1. Specific


The goal should be very clearly defined. It should be specific in terms of what, why and how.

Example : the goal of a student is to complete the syllabus within one month using suggested books so he can continue lectures.

Here what is – complete the syllabus, Why is to continue lectures and How is by using recommended books.

2. Measurable


The goal should be such that it can be measured or evaluated from time to time. By monitoring how much work is done after some time, we can assess the whole progress.

Example : If the student assesses from time to time the status of his work; he will achieve his goal quickly and in a predetermined period.

3. Achievable


The goal should be attainable in nature. It should be attainable in nature, should fall under someone capabilities to achieve it.

Example : Here the goal is attainable as the student is covering the syllabus with the help of books.

4. Realistic


The goal must be realistic in nature, should not be a hypothesis. Also, the goal should be relevant to view so that it can be favorable to a person.

Example: In the example mentioned above, if the time limit was like one week or 4-5 days then it was an unrealistic goal. A student can’t complete the whole syllabus in 1 week.

5. Time Bound

time bound

One must define a specific time limit to accomplish a goal.

Example : As in example mentioned above, there is a time-limit of 1 month. The student will take care of his work by considering this time limit. It will add importance to the task.

6. Purpose


There should be a clear purpose of why you have set forth to achieve the goal. Without any purpose in mind, there is no point in working towards a goal.

Example : You want to have a great future, and, for this reason, you went to studying.

7. Relevant


The goal should be appropriate to a given situation. How do I go about achieving the goal and the resources need for the achievement of it? In the process of achieving a goal, the chances are that you may pick up some new skill.

Smart goal technique is paramount to achieve success quickly and accomplish goals very efficiently. It can be used in various domains and field to achieve higher functionality at work to achieve the goal without any unnecessary problems.

So smart target examples are necessary for the achievement of long-term objectives.