Smart Goals Worksheet

Smart Goals Worksheet

Smart Goals Worksheet

A Smart Goal is something that is measurable, attainable, time bound and is specific. In a way, it is a goal that is clearly defined and understood. If you cannot set up a smart plan, then the chances are that your plans are not clear enough, and they need to be worked upon, Let us now understand the quick goals worksheet in details.

1. Note the Goals

 note the goals

First and foremost, you need to write your goal down in as few words as possible. It could start in the form that my goal is to achieve….. IT could be on an individual level, or one can align it with the objectives of the company.

2. Prepare the Plan

prepare the plan

The second stage is to make your goal detailed and as accurate as possible. The key is to find answers to the question when how what and where. Then you should list on how you would go about achieving that goal. In this regard one can list at least three main action steps

3. Quantify


The third stage is to make the goal measurable. It would include the details, measurement along with the tracking details to be precise. You could track down the goals by using a combination of methods or numbers

4. Avail the Sources

avail the sources

Then make the goal attainable. You need to understand what all additional forms of resources you need to succeed. The items that one would need to achieve the goals and how will you find the time. There could be things that you could need to learn about. Last but not the least, you could need to relate to people whom you can look up for support as well.

5. Perfection


The fifth stage is that the goal should be relevant- there should be a definite purpose for achieving the goal, and you need to find out the reasons for it as well

6. Measure in Time

 measure in time

Make your goal timely. You need to put a deadline on your goal and create benchmarks for it. Say you can set a target and determine at the end of this day I will be at this stage. My measurement at half way stage would be like this. The additional milestones that you are looking to achieve need to be explicitly stated as well.

7. Make it Attainable

make it attainable

The goal should be such that it is attainable. You need to believe that you can achieve what you are setting out to do. If you set goals that are seldom achievable, then the motivation is bound to drop. The goals need to be possible on all counts.

At no point, one should skip the objective of smart goal setting. In a way, one should also not get into it with analyzing their goals also. The careful planning at the beginning will prevent a lot of mistakes in the future.