7 Ways To Study While Working Full-Time

7 Ways To Study While Working Full-Time

7 Ways To Study While Working Full-Time

If you’ve decided to continue your education while having a full-time job, then you’ve set yourself up for a bright future. That decision can be both be exciting and daunting. But you won’t have to worry about losing sleep every day as you juggle study and work responsibilities. Here are seven ways to help you study while working on a full-time job:

1. Clearly define study hours 

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Studying can be a difficult task if you're working between eight to ten hours every single day. Those hours will only increase if you’re meeting deadlines and or having meetings with clients outside of the office. Having a time management clock will not only help you focus on your school-related tasks but also increase your time management skills. Clearly define the number of hours you can allot to study each day and diligently follow that schedule for the entire workweek. Additionally, if you have one or two days off from work define your study schedule for these days as well. Good time management goes a long way.     

2. Make a detailed timetable

Creating a study schedule isn’t enough when it comes to balancing full-time work and school responsibilities. Remember that you’re living a life outside of your studies and your job, so it is ideal to balance everything to make sure your personal life isn’t affected that that much. To create the perfect work-study-life balance, creating a detailed timetable is your best option. Map out your entire schedule for the week by listing down each activity together with their corresponding time frames. If you’re regularly meeting family and friends, set a schedule ahead of time and avoid impromptu gatherings as much as possible. Following a strict timetable may not sit well with some family members but you can always make up for lost time on weekends or during long breaks. 

3. Develop a study routine

Since you won’t be spending the entire day studying, developing an efficient study routine is a must. Clear your desks of things that aren’t related to your study materials, including work documents, electronics, and even trash. Unless you will be using some electronics such as a tablet or a laptop while studying, keep it away to avoid unnecessary distractions. In contrast, bring in the materials that you actually need such as a pen and paper.

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Having a peaceful and relaxed environment is also one method in developing a study routine. Whether it be in your room or in the attic, find an area where you can easily block loud noises. But if finding an area in your home proves to be difficult, going to a public library, cafe, or a co-working space are also great options. Take note that co-working spaces can get expensive since most charge by the hour, so consider your budget especially if you intend to study full-time in a co-working space for the next few days. 

4. Consider work-study options

If you’re one of those high school or college students working full-time, consider work-study options in your area or city. The percentage of college students working has only increased in recent years, resulting in more universities offering scholarship programs and school-related work opportunities. Alternatively, there are also companies that offer employment and education opportunities by enrolling employees in academic programs usually sponsored by partner-universities. Considering work-study options might entail leaving your current job but if there’s a chance for you to get a promotion while obtaining a degree at the same time, then you will be placed in a much better position to take charge of your future career. Working and going to college shouldn’t become a financial burden for you and your family.       

5. Write down everything

How to work and study at the same time? Writing down everything you need to get done. Considered to be one of the more underrated time management techniques, listing everything in a journal or in a Word document will help you keep track of your notes as well as the reminders or deadlines set by the instructor. Developing this habit is highly essential as you don’t want to miss anything with your schoolwork. A missed project or an exam will not only set you back in your course but also make you use up time which you had previously set for yourself for family. The last thing you want to have is studying for an exam while you’re family is on a weekend road trip.    

6. Always keep your employer (and school) informed

When it comes to the working student life, your responsibilities are increased tenfold. There may be days that you can’t attend classes due to personal reasons or there may be days you can’t finish the work shift due to school reports that need to be submitted. Always maintain a level of professionalism by informing your employer or professor every time you will be taking days off or doing undertime shifts.

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For your employer, this allows them to make changes in the work schedule and also inform your substitute for the temporary change that will occur. For your school meanwhile, this allows them to give you a special exception in case you will be missing a submission or an exam. If you have an important school activity coming up, give your employer a minimum two-week notice. The same time frame is applied if you will be missing classes for work-related functions.     

7. Take care of your physical and mental health

Your physical and mental health is your most important asset when being a working student with a full-time job. The last thing you want to have is taking numerous days off from school and work due to stress. Additionally, getting the flu while being on double duty will not do you any favors. To maintain a strong mind and body, exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. You can also lessen stress by doing meditations or spending time with family and friends. Take note that you’ll never get anything done when you’re physically and mentally compromised, so put your health first above everything else. 

Studying while having a full-time job is more than achievable. High school and college students working their way to degrees is something that has been done for the longest time. As long as you have the right attitude and the right habits, and you’ll easily be on your way to obtaining a college or postgraduate degree in no time.