7 Characteristics of Effective Female Leaders

7 Characteristics of Effective Female Leaders

7 Characteristics of Effective Female Leaders

Are brilliant leaders born with intrinsic leadership abilities or are they fashioned from life’s ups and downs? This question can be mind boggling and the answer is not very easy to figure out. It’s no secret that women are deemed to be their own worst enemies. Hence, the reluctance in some cultures to entrust them with leadership roles.

Modern education has liberated women to become independent thinkers empowered to grab life by the horns. However, a prestigious college degree and high profile career don’t constitute effective leadership.

For a woman to rise from a follower to receive recognition as an effective leader, she must possess the following seven qualities.

1. Accountability


The word accountability comes into mind whenever leaders are required to honestly explain their financial records. Accountability applies in all areas of life and, just like publicized financial statements, a leader’s intentions and actions should be crystal clear to her followers. Accountability fosters honesty and mutual respect.

2. Integrity


For followers to completely trust their leader, they need assurance of solid character. Integrity comes with walking the talk even when there’s nobody watching.

3. Prudence


Leadership is a practical affair. Prudence resolves conflicts, drives leaders to seize opportunities on the onset and have an accurate understanding of their followers.

4. Resourcefulness


The late Mother Teresa’s celebrated leadership legacy was built on empathy and resourcefulness. Despite her average financial stature, she was able to feed thousands of poverty and disease stricken victims because she devoted herself to mobilizing financial and medical aid from regional and international leaders.

Effective leaders should be ready to dig into their own pockets for the greater welfare of their followers.

5. Humility


Leadership is service to followers no matter their economic, social or religious standing. An effective leader is one who regularly forsakes her own personal interests for the group’s welfare. Humility promotes good interpersonal relations between leaders and their group.

6. Boldness


At the face of challenges, followers look up to their leader because they have invested their trust and authority. An effective leader is one who isn’t afraid to make unpopular but beneficial decisions in the face of opposition for the group’s greater good. 

7. Respectful


Authority vested on a leader is a result of mutual respect between the candidate and concerned followers. The seemingly least significant follower should always feel appreciated in the leader’s presence. Respect is displayed whenever a leader consults all members before implementing decisions or acting on the group’s behalf.



Knowledge will give you wealth and power, but character earns you respect. Effective female leaders motivate their followers towards achieving group goals. They also enable them realize and unlock their hidden individual leadership potential. Aspiring leaders should therefore apply the seven characteristics discussed on a daily basis. No quality is more important than the other. Lead to inspire and your legacy will be unforgettable.

      “The only safe ship in a storm is leadership.” Faye Wattleton.