Travel for Success 101: Solid and Effective Advice for Frequent Business Travelers

Travel for Success 101: Solid and Effective Advice for Frequent Business Travelers

Travel for Success 101: Solid and Effective Advice for Frequent Business Travelers

Traveling for work may seem like an amazing opportunity for any working professional, but the effort it takes to make it happen isn’t all fun and games. Even though the costs of the trip may be sponsored by the company, there are still other things that a person has to consider during the journey such as finding suitable accomodations or drawing up an itinerary. Even the most seasoned of business travelers have some difficulties finding the right groove whenever they’re traveling for work-related purposes. So what exactly should one do when the prospect of a business trip is within striking distance?


Answering this question doesn’t exactly involve rocket science, but there are ways wherein busy and driven professionals can make the most out of their company-sponsored endeavors. When you’re presented with such an opportunity, the key thing you have to remember above all others is that business trips take a great deal of your time, so you should always make the most of the experience. And since you’re bringing the name of your company with you, you must act responsibly throughout the entirety of your sojourn so that you won’t embarrass your superiors back home. To help you achieve these two fundamental goals, consider the advice listed below which will aid you on your next business trip.

Ward off potential illnesses

Whether you’re catching a train or flying on a plane to reach your destination, you have to be aware of the fact that public modes of transportation are areas where all kinds of bacteria and viruses will gather due to the number of people using such machines. Even though the interiors may look clean at first glance, it’s always a good idea to protect yourself from unsanitary surfaces. Travel-sized hand sanitizers will be your best friend every time you feel the urge to clean your hands after touching any surface inside a boat, train, or airplane. Carrying a small tube of topical antibiotic like bacitracin will also prove to be handy if you accidentally injure your skin with minor cuts or lacerations.

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More importantly, you must have an appointment or consultation with your doctor or physician weeks or days before your scheduled trip to ensure that you’re physically able to travel, as well as providing you with the necessary prescriptions if you have certain health issues like allergies that needs to be controlled. Furthermore, a visit to your doctor is considered ideal since this is an opportunity for you to receive any vaccination or immunization shots from viral diseases, particularly if you’re traveling to a place that has issued a health warning alert to incoming travelers.

Choose food items wisely

The tendency for most businessmen and women while traveling is that they often overindulge when it comes to food and drink. This is usually the case if there’s room service at the hotel, as well as an all-you-can-eat buffet being served during certain meal times like breakfast or dinner. Apart from such lavish culinary options, there’s also the pricey meals with clients during a business lunch session, or even interim snacks and meals consumed in airports or airplanes while in transit. People often underestimate the fact that business trips are situations where individuals tend to eat or drink a lot as a way to quell the nerves before meeting with clients to discuss important matters.

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It’s important that you should take good care of yourself, even when you’re on a business trip. Resist the urge to dine in fast-food outlets or buying junk food if you’re hungry and in a hurry at the airport. Instead, look for healthy options like a salad bar where you can order a light yet filling salad featuring lots of proteins and good carbohydrates to help tide you over once you’re in flight. Eating healthy before your flight also prevents you from getting food on the plane. Always stick to bottled water as your beverage of choice for travel since anything carbonated or alcoholic will make you queasy while traveling.

Navigate through airports with ease

The bane of any business traveler is suffering through long lines or layovers in airports. It’s something that can’t be totally avoided at all times, though there are ways where you can zip through the hassle of passing through airports if you have certain advantages that others don’t have. For instance, if you’re a loyal patron of a specific airline and hold special perks like high-level membership, the boarding gate of that airline will prioritize your entry into the plane and thus save you from waiting in line with the rest of the passengers. This can be especially useful if you’re a member of multiple airlines, thereby allowing you ease of boarding regardless of what flight you’re taking anywhere.

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Applying for such premium memberships may be a bit on the pricey side, but this is a small price for you to pay if you really don’t want to linger in the airport for hours on end before your flight takes off. Another great advantage you can get when you’re a premium airline member is that you’ll acquire frequent flyer points which you can use to pay for future flights. However, if you’re not willing to shell out the money to get airline loyalty membership, the best thing you can do while waiting to board your flight is to utilize the free time you have to work on important tasks on your laptop or mobile device so you won’t be swamped with priorities by the time you arrive at your destination.

Know how to conquer jet lag

Traveling through different time zones can have a significant impact on your body and well-being, especially if you aren’t used to traveling that much. Jet lag is a common physiological condition where the human body loses its natural circadian rhythms after experiencing long-distance air travel across several time zones, whether the person is traveling west to east or east to west. This condition may last for several days before an individual can fully adjust to the time zone of their current location. But given that most business trips are only for a few days and never longer, this can be a problem for many business executives wanting to get proper rest before meeting with their clients.

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There are three ways wherein you can manage the feeling of jet lag when it hits you. First, you should trick your body by resetting your watch and the time on all your electronic mobile devices to your destination’s time zone and only sleeping at night upon your arrival. Second, always try to eat light because your body tends to feel heavy and drowsy with sleep if you eat too much before a long-haul flight for several hours. Third, mind the light of day and resist the urge to sleep or nap during the daytime as this will disrupt your natural sleeping patterns and will only make you disoriented. If you’re having trouble sleeping during nighttime, consider taking safe over-the-counter drugs like antihistamine medications which contain chemicals that can cause drowsiness.