9 Tips to Stay Positive While Working Remotely

9 Tips to Stay Positive While Working Remotely

9 Tips to Stay Positive While Working Remotely

Although many individuals have embraced working from home, many also have not. Whether it be poor connectivity, the lack of proper equipment, or compromised mental health, these issues have made it hard for people to effectively do their work. This is why having a proper mindset is essential so that work productivity will rarely or never be affected. If you have been having a rough patch while working from home, here are nine tips to help you stay positive:

1. Do some renovations

Your home office setup may just be the primary reason why you’re having trouble keeping focus on the job. Some of the renovations you can do include doing repainting or adding decorations but it can also be as simple as rearranging the stuff you have at home. You’ll be surprised by the amount of work you can accomplish after you’ve done some much-needed renovations

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Renovating can also be an opportunity for you to declutter your office. File all the papers that have been scattered on your desk and throw all the stuff you won’t be needing. As for the paint job, choose bright yet relaxing colors such as cream, light blue, and white as these colors contribute heavily to having a relaxed state of mind.

Remember that you don’t have to spend a lot on renovations. Purchasing some paint and decorations shouldn’t set you back hundreds of dollars. You can even do a single renovation that will be a year's worth of costs especially if you’ll be returning soon to the company office.   

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

If you’ve been feeling grumpy the past few days, it may be because you lack sleep or haven’t been eating properly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t only help you stay positive while working but also keeps you fit. Remember that the more you are compromised mentally the more it will affect your productivity and relationships with colleagues.

Do some exercises and have a healthy diet at all times. Exercise doesn’t have to be rigorous as light jogging and lifting are more than enough to keep your body moving. As for having a healthy diet, avoid fatty foods or foods high in sodium and go for a diet focusing on vegetables and lean meat. Weight loss shouldn’t be related to stress but to having a well-balanced diet. 

There are numerous food and exercise plans you can find online. Pick out the ones with high reviews as you can be assured that they are effective. You can also seek assistance from a registered dietician as they can create a personalized weekly or monthly plan. You can also get in contact with them regularly if you intend to make changes to your plan. 

3. Change your internet plan

Oftentimes, poor connectivity can be the main reason why you constantly lose focus in your work. Imagine working tirelessly and you still fail to meet the deadline since your Wifi connection is constantly disconnecting. At this point, you’ll have to change your internet plan not just for the sake of your work but also for your mental health.

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If your budget permits you, update your internet plan to faster speeds. You can also shift to another provider with the same speed you currently have. Before making a decision, make sure to do enough research and get in touch with an internet provider so that you won’t be wasting time and money. You don’t want to be stressed any further as you choose your next internet plan. 

4. Invest in proper work equipment

Aside from your internet plan, it’s also time to change all of your work-related equipment if they’re causing you unnecessary stress. Work equipment may pertain to computers and computer accessories, desks, chairs, headphones, or cameras, among others. Even if one equipment isn’t functioning, it can significantly disrupt your work and may cause you to miss out on very important deadlines. That is why it is essential to replace any defective equipment as soon as possible.

Similar to doing renovations, there is no need to spend big when purchasing equipment unless you’ll be replacing the entire computer. Look for cheap deals in your local store or online. You can also check out refurbished goods but make sure to double-check the products before making a purchase. Never purchase a product if there’s no warranty label. 

Even if you’re tight on budget, always buy from quality brands as you are assured of quality as well as a long life cycle. Purchasing low-quality brands are actually more costly in the long run since you will be spending again if the product gets damaged. There is a high chance that some of your existing equipment will also get damaged if used together with low-quality ones. Do research or also ask for help from a colleague before making a purchase.         

5. Get in touch with colleagues

Speaking of colleagues, getting in touch with them will help you have a more positive mindset. Remember that communication is essential to every individual in the company. Even introverts need to stay connected with their colleagues from time to time. Getting in touch with your fellow remote employees will not only give you a more focused and optimistic attitude but also helps you establish better working relationships with them.

Of course, not all employees will bring you joy as there may be a good chance you’ll be working with toxic employees. Avoid negative coworkers at all times as their only purpose in the company is to stir up conflicts and create a depressing environment for everyone even if a huge chunk of the workforce is working remotely. If these toxic employees are starting to cause you problems, report them immediately to your boss and block them from all company-related conversations. Your goal is to stay productive and positive and not be stressed with difficult coworkers. 

When getting in touch with colleagues who actually matter, don’t just limit employee engagement to online meetings when everyone is mostly discussing tasks and work-related processes. Just make sure not to constantly chat with everyone on your team or department as they may be busy with deadlines. 

6. Consider other work from home locations

If you’re hesitant about doing renovations for various reasons, consider finishing all your tasks in other work from home locations. The great thing when you work remotely is that you can practically work from anywhere and not just in the confines of your own home. People need a change of scenery every now and then and this doesn’t just mean constantly switching jobs. 

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Among other remote work locations you can go to include coworking spaces, coffee shops, restaurants, public libraries, and parks, among many others. Coworking spaces and coffee shops are considered to be the most popular due to the amenities found in these spots. With these spots consisting of high-speed Wifi, individual work desks, accessible food and drinks, and most importantly strict noise policies, it’s not surprising that these locations have become top choices for both full-time remote workers and freelancers.

The only downside of coworking spaces and coffee shops is that they can be pricey with the former mostly charging customers by the hour. If you want to cut down on costs, public libraries and parks are also good alternatives. Libraries these days are no longer a venue where old books are stacked. Although they still fall behind coworking spaces in terms of amenities, they have nonetheless adapted to technology and it has become rare for 21st-century libraries to not be equipped with computers and fast internet connection. As for parks, who wouldn’t want to work in an area surrounded by mother nature on a clear sunny day?            

7. Have meals with the family

If you’re working inside your own home on most days, it’s best to have meals with the entire family to help you get rid of some of the stress you’re experiencing from work. Having a meal together doesn’t have to mean inviting relatives every time you get stressed from your boss as you can simply enjoy meals with the whoever companion you have in the household. 

Although there may be times that family members may get in the way during work, they are still supportive of what you do and will stop at nothing to help you build a successful professional career. They are also the best support system you have so tell them everything on what’s going on with your work, whether it be achievements or struggles. Aside from your days off, mealtime is the best time for you to have work-related conversations with members of the household

Since you’re not working in an office at the moment, use your time working from home as an opportunity to reconnect with your family.       

8. Maximize days off

You can’t have a positive attitude at work if you’re constantly stressed. This is where paid leaves come in so that you can recharge and take a break from stress whether it be from difficult or even easy remote jobs. Even if you’re left with very few paid leaves for the rest of the year, don’t hesitate to take time off if you’re feeling burnt out from the job. You’ll never regain a positive mindset if you still keep on working while being physically and mentally tired. 

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When you do take your leave, avoid opening your emails and replying to colleagues. They’re called leaves for a reason. Switch off your phone (if possible) and close all computer tabs relating to your work. But make sure to inform your supervisors ahead of time and try to finish all your tasks before filing for a day off. You don’t want to be welcomed with loads of paperwork once you get back.

If you’ve managed to get rid of office-related tasks in the meantime, it’s now time to decide on what you plan to do on your break. You can simply stay at home and enjoy the company of your family and pets. You can also do outdoor activities such as going to the beach or doing some hiking in the mountains. It’s up to you to decide on what activity you plan to do on your day off. As long as you consider the activity to be fun and relaxing then no one should stop you from doing that certain activity. 

9. Get professional help

If you feel like your mental health is severely compromised and you find it hard to stay positive on most days, then don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Find a licensed psychiatrist in your area or get referrals from family and friends. You can also search online if you plan on consultations to be done via a computer or smartphone.

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Don’t wait for a long time before you decide to consult with a doctor. The faster you schedule a consultation, the faster you will be treated for whatever condition you have. Additionally, avoid taking medications by yourself as is this can lead to major health problems. Always get permission from a licensed doctor if you plan on taking any type of medicine. 

Final thoughts

Working from home positivity can be tough especially in this time when a pandemic is ravaging the world. Unfortunately, working from home is your only choice if your company isn’t allowing anyone to the office just yet. That is why you need to stay positive even when things get rough. The nine tips listed above should help you have a positive mindset throughout the duration of your work from home schedule.