4 Ways to Express Self-Love when Things get Tough

4 Ways to Express Self-Love when Things get Tough

4 Ways to Express Self-Love when Things get Tough

A few years ago, I made one drastic change that should impact every area of my life: I committed to loving myself and treating myself well no matter what.

Coming from a background of depression and disordered eating, this was the biggest challenge I ever had to face – but thinking of the way it changed me, my relationships, my perspective, and so much more, it was more than worth it.

How did I go about finding unconditional love and respect for myself? Here are 4 crucial steps I took in order to keep things moving. Remember that consistency is key and even if we can feel some benefits right away, there will be tough times that are going to test your progress. Let’s dive in!

1. Morning Positivity

wakeup early

Immediately upon waking (set your alarm a few minutes earlier if necessary), start filling your head with positive thoughts. We often rush into our duties if we make it out of bed despite the heavy load the new day brings along. Instead of doing this, start by pampering yourself and filling your love cup! Tell yourself about all the beautiful things that are waiting for you, everything that’s already so lovely in your life, and how much you love and approve of yourself – no matter what. This change of perspective sets the tone for your whole day.

2. Daily Gratitude


Starting your day with a positive mindset is an important first step, but there will still be challenges over the course of the next hours. So if you feel yourself getting stressed out and spiraling down the my-life-is-awful road, stop right there. These are habitual thoughts that come to your mind because you’re used to thinking this and looking out for proof that your life, indeed, is awful. That’s the perfect moment to turn this around and instead look for things you are very grateful for. You don’t have to come up with more than 3 things to focus on – the important part is that you counteract this negative spiral.

3. Nourish your Body


When things get stressful, we cannot recognize the subtle hunger signals of our bodies. Instead, we only recognize screaming hunger and grab the next best thing – which usually is filled with crap you don’t need and won’t be beneficial to you (except for the quick sugar rush maybe). So prepare for these situations and have healthy snacks on hand. Eating in regular intervals will help balance your blood sugar and regulate your hunger, so that you won’t get irresistible cravings. Choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes for perfect nutrition, stable energy, and an effortlessly slim waistline.

4. Evening Routine

journaling daily

The best way to end off your day is to be grateful every night before bed. Take some time to unwind from whatever happened within the last hours and set it aside. There is nothing helpful in worrying over stuff when you’re about to sleep and need to regenerate for the next day. If you like journaling, then write up everything that’s happened and that made you smile or had a positive impact on you. This also works if you talk to a loved one about your day over dinner or a cup of tea (be careful to focus on the good parts though). Get into a little wellness session before bed by having a warm bath, doing some yoga, listening to relaxing music, or reading a novel. Anything that means self-love and pampering to you – now is the time!