10 Tricks to Spot Low Confidence

10 Tricks to Spot Low Confidence

10 Tricks to Spot Low Confidence

One should give a lot of importance to his verbal abilities, a perfect vision to life, a strategic approach to winning over the competitors and to face other challenges. However, people who are less confident cannot always get what they are striving for owing to their shyness and lack of self-confidence. Want to know your self-esteem levels?

Here you can check the warning signs and find out what is impeding your success.

1. Making Proper Eye Contact

proper eye contact

Be conscious and check whether you are able to maintain an eye contact with everyone. When your confidence level is low, generally you prefer to speak without looking directly into their eyes.

2. Finding Ways to Distract

dont distract

People do this generally when they are not comfortable or not confident enough to present themselves in the group. Ensure yourself that you are being paid attention by everyone and try to connect with the people around instead of hanging with your phone or your own ideal world.

3. Confident Body Language

confident body language

Examine your body language, the expressions on your face, the movement of your head and arms. Confident people have a proper posture which is neither just too rigid nor moving jerkily. Find out how you are behaving and help yourself.

4. Stand to your Point

stand to ur point

Have the courage to express the opinions and you need not get worried about anything. There is no need to compromise and negotiate if you believe you are true. It is then only you can stand to it and express yourself confidently.

5. Much about Handling Situations

dealing situations

You should be able to handle the situations properly and there is no necessity to over react. If you think that are you are reacting much without analyzing things, then it’s time for you to check your self-esteem.

6. Your Affirmation to Beauty

avoid makeup

There are many people who just can’t step out of the house without wearing makeup. They feel good about themselves only when they put on some makeup but always acknowledge that beauty comes from the inside and not what we decorate ourselves with.

7. How Indecisive Are You

decision changing

We find a lot of people around us who can’t take even simple decisions. They are used to banking on others' advice and support. Changing decisions quickly is another thing which the people with less confidence find themselves troubled with.

8. Not Participating in Conversations

in conversation

People with less self-esteem speak less and they even don’t bother to lend their opinion as they are not serious about this. They reply after taking their own time and sometimes they think of something else and would get distracted from the conversation. They often get confused when asked about their opinion.

9. Can’t Stick to Goals

stick to goals

There are few people who just can’t assure success in their life so they will give up everything when they are in the middle of their assigned tasks. Avoid this and tell yourself that you are born to succeed.

10. Always Compares with Others


They compare with others’ abilities as they are not happy and satisfied with their strengths. They are riddled with self-doubt and always tend to compare their work with others. This way, more often than not they come up lacking. 

If any of these aforementioned points resonates with you, it shows that you have a low level of confidence. So, try to handle them properly to have a successful life.