5 Traits to Adapt For Boosting Willpower

5 Traits to Adapt For Boosting Willpower

5 Traits to Adapt For Boosting Willpower

Where there is a will, there is a way. But often we seem to lack the will to push us farther in our endeavours. If you study all successful people on earth, the common trait that you will find in them is their immovable and unfaltering willpower. We respect and admire them and wish that we were like them. But only wishing is not enough in this world.

You have to work hard to get what your heart desires. The amazing, successful individuals that we aspire to become are no different from us mere mortals. They have the same things provided by god – same body, same brain and same number of hours in a day. Apart from the unique talents that God has given to all individuals, all of us are the same. We can achieve as much as the next person. So what we need to figure out is what these successful people do to get them where they are today? Do they do things differently? If so, what are these actions or habits?

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Without sounding like a Moral Science teacher, it is Determination that differentiates a successful person from the rest. Doing what you have decided to do and sticking to it is what becomes the deciding factor between success and failure. We all have big dreams and goals but without execution, we can never expect fruition. We might even start with something but after a few hiccups (even minor ones), we tend to give up. Thats where you need your willpower to back you up. It is the key to becoming successful in your personal as well as professional life.

Here are 5 traits which, if included in your routine, will help enhance your willpower and thus prepare you on your way to success.

1. Your Brain Is A Muscle- Exercise It

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Your brain is the most crucial organ when it comes to success, so take care of it and do routine exercises that boost your mental powers. Ask for feedbacks from your friends and family and for constructive criticism from your colleagues and employees. Use these feedbacks to work on yourself to improve.

It is also important to note that just like your body, your mind needs rest after exercise. So catch a few breaks in between a hectic mentally draining day and get some “me” time often to ease the cogs of your brain.

2. Planning Is Essential

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As said earlier, every one of us had great dreams for ourselves. It is what drives us to achieve more but what is even more crucial than passion is the zeal or tenacity in you that helps to turn your dreams to reality. Preparation before getting started on anything is the sure shot way to success. The 5P’s “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” is the mantra to go by.  Successful individuals will passionately pursue their endeavour but would ensure to take time out to plan meticulously to ensure smooth sailing.

You need to know how you should go about making your dream come to life and be prepared for any hiccups on your journey towards success so that nothing and no one can trip you up.

3. Stay Positive

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It is not only about having a positive frame of mind, it is about finding positivity in all aspects. Do not let yourself worry about your competitors. Figure out their strengths and incorporate these in your work to move ahead of them. Stay focused on your target. Often the enormity of the project that we had set down for us tend to boggle our minds. The daunting task ahead of us makes it difficult to think clearly and perform the task at hand to perfection.

What lies ahead of you and what obstacles you might face on the way are not something that you need to worry about NOW. You can take care of them when they come. You have prepared yourself for any adverse situations (in your planning sessions) already. So don’t worry about the future and let it affect the present. Its good to look at the big picture but take one step at a time to reach the ultimate goal.

4. Be Prepared For Times When Your Self-Discipline May Falter

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Following all the traits and skills required for a stellar willpower. There might be days that we find our determination getting out of our control. The productivity takes a hit on such days.

To avoid this, put yourself in a task management system where you do not need to depend on your self-discipline alone to get the task done. A task management system complete with processes, schedules and procedures, helps you to prioritize and track your to do list. So even on days when you are not feeling up to it, just by following routine procedures, you manage to stay productive.

5. Be Patient

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Patience is a virtue. Exercise this when it comes to your willpower. Today’s world is fast-paced- everything needs to be done now, had now, seen now, experienced now. We seem to be running out of time, all the time. Immediate gratification is what we seek.

While speed is good, it is important to remind yourself time to time what the final goal is. Pushing yourself and people around you to the maximum continuously might lead to adverse situations. If you overwork any complicated machinery, at some point it is bound to breakdown. The same applies to your brain and to your willpower.

So take time breathers. Set realistic deadlines. The impossible ones just tend to overwork your employees and produce low quality work which is not desirable. Focus on quality. If you meet deadlines but produce low quality jobs, you will still be unable to achieve success. An understanding of the time constraint at your end will enhance the willpower of your employees which in turn will enhance yours.

Use the above qualities to boost your willpower. Ensure that you eat right, get enough sleep, exercise and meditate to keep your body and mind fresh and fit to achieve success.

“I believe in one thing only. The power of human will.”- Joseph Stalin