How to Improve Communication Skills In a Newly Learned Language?

Communication plays an important role in our life. It leads to everything whether we are communicating with at work or with family, friend and partners in order to build relationship. Learning a new language and to make the communication effective is not an easy task. We need to practice ourselves a lot to make an effective communication in a learned language. There are some points you need to concentrate on while learning a new language. 

Some of them are:

Try to Enunciate your Words

Try to Enunciate your Words

To be effective in your communication, it is necessary to speak clearly. Don’t mumble. Your vocabulary might be less as you are newly learning the language but whatever you speak you speak it clearly so that other person can understand. Communication is complete when the other person understands what you are communicating.

If you are not speaking clearing people will not be able to understand what you are communicating. Proper enunciation means that you need to have open as well as clear speech patterns, such as properly announcing words and syllables. Hence it is necessary to enunciate your words. Proper enunciation is a key for improving your communication skill.

Try to Pronounce Your Words Correctly

Try to Pronounce Your Words Correctly

When you are learning a new language you need to learn the pronunciation too. The judgment on your communication is done through your vocabulary .It is advisable that when you are not sure about a word how to say, better you don’t use the word. Make a habit to learn a new word to make your vocabulary strong and can refer to the dictionary how to pronounce the word.

Correct pronunciation is a basis for efficient communication in any language. You cannot improve your communication skill if you don't improve your pronunciation skill as sound is very important in any communication.

Try to Use the Word Whose Meaning you are Aware of

Try to Use the Word Whose Meaning you are Aware of

When you are learning a new language it is necessary to use only the words which meaning you are aware about. Don’t use the words for which you don’t know the meaning, because it may make a negative impact to others.

The words might have a different meaning and might be it should not be used in public. It is necessary to learn the sentence too. When you are leaning a new word try to memorize a coupe of sentences that contain this word.

Develop your Voice

Develop your Voice

If you are talking fast, people might think that you are nervous and unsure of yourself. But at the same time you should be careful not to slow down to the point where people begin to finish your sentence. You voice also plays an important role for an effective communication.

You should be able to modulate your voice as and when required. Try to avoid a monotone and use dynamics. Your pitch should also raise and lower periodically to make it effective. Moreover you need to be careful when speaking alone or speaking in a group. You should be soft when you are alone and close and speak louder when you are addressing a large number of people.

When we are talking about to improve the communication skill in a newly learned it is not only about the verbal communication. If your vocabulary is strong and you know how to play with the words you can improve your written communication skill too. While you are communicating with others your body language also plays an important role in making it an effective communication.

Communication is a two way hence it is necessary to listen what other are speaking. Make a habit to pay attention while other speaks.

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