5 Remarkable Lessons About Success

5 Remarkable Lessons About Success

5 Remarkable Lessons About Success

Success is not all about being wealthy, having a multi-millionaire house, yacht or a private jet. There is a thin line between 'being happy' and 'being successful'.

At times, you won't feel the same contentment when you are successful or at times you will excited even with a meager wage.
It all boils down to the mindset; either you are optimistic or you are not.
Below are some of the facets of life and what success is all about:

1. You Are 'Free' Until You Are!

You Are Free Until You Are!

It doesn't matter whether you are at your top best or bottom-worst. The world would behave the same way depending upon your position. Many people live with the perception that 'if you are at the top, you will be preferred and vice versa'. However, neither of them is true. You are simply a slave of your own mindset. How you perceive things will determine your association with the environment.

2. You Are Your Own Competition

you are your own competition

Often people misunderstand the concept of 'competition'. They fail to realize the fact that the only thing that you should be scared of is your 'negativity and pessimism'.
History has witnessed some of the most influential and inspirational personalities like Leonardo da Vinci, JK Rowling, and Stephen Hawking etc. They all had some or the other disabilities; however, they managed to emerge victorious because they knew, who they are competing with.

You are responsible for what you become. You can't blame it on other, let alone your parents, for there is an expiration date to everything including guilt, despair and misery.

3. You Feel ‘Luckily Unemployed'


Many of us tend to believe that luck is the main factor that defines success. However, it should be noted that luck favors only when you are eligible to hit the chord and possess the required skill to attain the desired outcome. Being lucky and being at the right place at the right time is often synonymously used. Focus should be on hard-work, lest luck should follow.

4. Enjoy The Nuance Of Things

enjoy nuance of the things

Whatever you have achieved, whatever you have acquired is all temporary. You may be doing great, extraordinary at business, buying properties, expensive cars etc. However, not enjoying it at that instant is simply a waste of all your efforts. It is not necessary what you have today will be yours tomorrow. It’s important to live in the present and live while you can.

5. Success-Happiness Rationale

success happiness rationale

For most people, success narrows down to a hefty paycheck, little respect from peers and colleagues and a decent place to crash. However, this narrow-mindedness should be reconstructed. While success, by definition, goes a long way, it becomes imperative on every individual to gauge the mindset of 'foster relationships, and be happy'. 

People tend to believe only those things that are easy to understand; however, things learned the hardest way last forever. It all comes down to one's own state of mind. Either you allow yourself to be happy with nothing or you can have everything except the very smile on your face.
These are some remarkable things about success that we should all know and question our inner state of being. Remember, it is what you have inside that matters and not otherwise!