5 Best Tips To Identify the Enemy Behind Your success

5 Best Tips To Identify the Enemy Behind Your success

5 Best Tips To Identify the Enemy Behind Your success

Most of us admire great people around us, whether it is a businessman, politician, actor or a public figure. Success is never a short-term trait. It always requires a lot of hard work and planning. The biggest enemy behind success can be one’s own attitude and self-driven factors, which makes it difficult for one to achieve success. Think and get to know certain aspects of your own attitude and personality, which are pulling you away from attaining success.

Here are the 5 main drawbacks, the personal ‘Enemies’ that come in your way to success:

1. Dilemma


Being in constant confused is the first thing that can hamper your success. Be realistic and pragmatic; do not take decisions in dilemma. Always take decisions which are clear and viable in the end. Evaluate the pros and cons of each decision; the best way is to undertake a SWOT analysis. Know your inner strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Consult people you trust, those who are capable of giving you the right advice. Setting realistic goals and aims can help cut down on your confusion about key issues.

2. Inferiority Complex 

inferiority complex

Being worried about the other person's attributes and success or always thinking that others are far better than you are can leave you behind with a severe inferiority complex. Inferiority complex leads you to believe that you are no good and leads you to believe that certain tasks cannot be accomplished on your own. This makes it difficult to achieve your goals.

3. Pessimistic Thinking

pessimistic thinking

Pessimism is a negative trait in one's personality, which discourages one to take any opportunity or believe in one’s strengths and attributes. Pessimism only leads to self-pity and jealously, that act as big hurdles in your way of success. As a belief says, a negative man will always see the glass half-empty rather than half full. . Try following few simple tips like being optimistic.

Surround yourself with people who have positive attitude and capability to face situations. The best mantra to overcome your fear and pessimism is to repeat an affirmation - impossible means I am possible. This mantra will help you fight your fears and improve your confidence levels.

4. Manage Time

manage time

If you lack time management, then this can be your greatest enemy of your success. Keep a track of the time spent throughout the day, do not waste time on unfruitful activities like watching television, social media, etc. Make use of each minute of the day, focussing on things that lead to self-improvement and help in achieving your goals.

5. Personal Ego

personal ego

Never overestimate yourself and think that others working around you are weaker than you. Ego is a negative quality that can hamper your growth and success. An egoistic person will always believe that he is better than others in all aspects, will not have the urge to learn something new and innovative leading to a disruptive growth. Always look up to different people irrespective of whether you like them or not.

Look for qualities that you think are missing in you and try to imbibe as much as you can. Killing your ego and putting in hard work can help you achieve growth and success in the end.The above top five are the personal secret foes that hamper personal success and growth. You should look inside you, and then for measures and ways to overcome these drawbacks to achieve your goals.