How to Use Visualisation for Success

How to Use Visualisation for Success

How to Use Visualisation for Success

We all know that what we spend time thinking about has an impact on how we feel, and many of us would believe that due to our energy, what we feel can shape the way we approach things and therefore, what happens in our life.  Which means it’s important that we learn to control our thoughts and use them to help us move towards what we want to achieve. How often do we spend time concentrating on all the negative things that might happen rather than the positive possibilities?

But sportsmen and women and leaders in all sorts of fields are recognising the power of visualisation. If you want to harness this technique to enhance your success then read on

One of the difficulties many people face with visualisation is that you need first to get used to managing your thoughts AND you need to learn how to quieten your mind.

Our Thought Life

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You are the only person who can control your thoughts yet it is something that a lot of us find very hard. If I said don’t think about purple pigs it would be the first thing that popped into your head. In some ways our brain doesn’t hear the ‘don’t’ it just hears purple pigs and off it goes. So if you are trying NOT to think of something, the best way is often to think of something else, then the brain is working with a positive. Replace purple pigs with a sunset and it you do this every time a purple pig ‘appears’ you will soon have it under control.

That was just an example but it works with the real business of not concentrating on all your doubts and concerns but rather focussing your mental energy on the positives. Visualisation is a great way to do this.

Learning to be still

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Life is busy and our brains work hard. We get used to carrying a lot of ‘thoughts’ and trying to remember lots of things which means it can become very difficult to actually allow our minds to be still. I imagine we will have all gone to bed sometimes feeling tired but being unable to sleep as our minds bombard us without all sorts of thoughts.

Like lots of skills we improve with practise,so to begin with try simply just closing your eyes and either taking a deep breath in for a slow count of 3 and then out for 3, or some people prefer breathing in for a count of 4, then holding for 4, breathing out for a count of 4 then holding for 4 then beginning again. As you breathe in try to concentrate on your breath as it enters your nose then down the back of your throat, eventually filling your lungs and making your chest expand.

You certainly don’t have to wait to start practicing visualisation until you’ve mastered your thoughts and learned to still your mind. These are processes that need to be ongoing so you improve over time. Visualisation will be easier when you can bring your thoughts under control and still your mind BUT you can start using visualisation as a tool right now.

How to Visualise

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  • 1. Be clear about what you want to achieve. If you want to use visualisation as a tool the first step is to think and be quite specific about a particular outcome, or goal. Perhaps focus on an upcoming training or seminar you a giving or maybe a sales meeting – imagine what your perfect outcome would be.

  • 2. Hold this thought in your mind and concentrate on it. But then start to add as much detail to this as you can. Add colour and as much detail as you possibly can

  • 3. Then add in the emotions, how would you feel if this happened? This is a really important step and one you need to repeat so that you can really tune into your emotions and actually FEEL them.

  • 4. Repeat this as often as you can each time try to add more detail being sure each time you ‘feel’ the emotion.

You can start today to use the power of your mind to help create the life you want, action will still be required but visualisation is a powerful process in the pursuit of happiness and success.