4 Ways Self Conscious Hinders Personal Growth

4 Ways Self Conscious Hinders Personal Growth

4 Ways Self Conscious Hinders Personal Growth

The more we become aware of ourselves, the more we become self-conscious in whatever we do. It is just an acute sense of self-awareness. Sometimes being over conscious also becomes a hindrance in a person’s life and affects the development or progress of the person.

Let’s look at the major four ways that hamper the personal growth due to self-conscious.  

1. Rejecting Ourselves

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These days, it has become a fashion not to accept of what we are and have lost our identity as we prefer to imitate others than being our own-self, and in this cat race, we have drifted ourselves far away from our originality. This makes us insecure and we are always conscious about our deeds, our looks, personality and this ends up losing the real identity of ourselves. In the procedure of being perfect, we do not accept our self, thus, becoming more conscious and physically, mentally and emotionally disturbed.

2. Lose Personal Identity

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To move in society, we have to maintain a standard and for that we can go to any extent, forgetting our own likes and dislikes or choices, in other words losing our priority We always think what others will think or react and always harbor negative criticism.  If we concentrate on our self not keeping in mind of what others think, then we might do much better and be at our very best. We’ll be free minded and have our identity. We should not give ear to criticism but take it in a healthy way and follow our own path. Maintaining our identity makes us feel satisfied.

3. Glass Self

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It is a fact that when you are loved or you get appreciation, you feel valued and seems to be the center of attraction. Everyone yearns for this type of reverence and acceptance. Nothing is wrong in it but once it becomes an obsession, then it also becomes a problem to maintain this attitude. We become obsessed with our self  to such an extent that we start cultivating fear in mind of running out of favor of others and become dependent on others views stripping our self image. This thought takes us far away from our motives, as to achieve others applause and regards, we completely rely on them for their approval and acceptance.

4. Hampering Mentally and Physically

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Being self conscious leaves us in doldrums; there is always a question mark before doing anything. We doubt our self regarding our ability whether we can do this or not. There is always a second thought before doing anything which hampers our thought process weakening us from within. When we mentally get disturbed, it automatically weakens us physically which results in killing our actions taking us far away from being successful in achieving our goals in life. 

We need to be clear of doubts and take our own stand if we want to grow instead of giving heed to what others will say.